Martin the Martian

Martin as a Martian Manhunter.

"My name is Martin. I am believed to be insane. Oh, wait, I am insane! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK!" -Martin

Martin is a Martian Destroyer assinged  to destroy Planet Earth. He is a friend of Lurk, and a hater of Sarks. He is short tempered, and hates Xenomorphs because of The grate war of Mars.


Martin is short tempered, easily angered, and as everyone knows, Insane. He is based off of both the Martians from Mars attacks, and Marvin the Martian from The Loony Toons. This is the explanation for his insanity, and his short temper.
Baby Martin

Baby Martin.


Lurk-Lurk is Martin's closest friend. They have known each other since Martin became a Martian Destroyer.

Sarks (Irken)-Martin and Sarks hate each other. They fight when they end up the only people in the room.

Timelord Dev-Martin met Timelord Dev during the Great War of the Alemus. They don't really get along well.

Alex-Alex is an Earth child, and Martin's arch nemesis for he always stops his plans. Martin dreams of destroying the 4th grader.

Marvin-He knows Marvin the Martian, but rarely interacts with him. They are pretty good friends despite the fact that Martin was a replacement Destroyer for Marvin. Marvin was now assigned to Planet Furon.

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