The IIRT (Irken Imperial Robot Thingy) Prototype Battle Class Mech, Codename: Maimbot is an Irken mech suit used by the Irken military. With power drills located in its feet (used for tunneling under enemy lines), high powered plasma cannons instead of hands, and sharp robotic claws, the Maimbot is truly a peice of destructive weaponry fit for the Irken war machine. The Maimbot is the third in a series of battle class pilot mechs, after IIRT P001: Crusher and IIRT P002: Smasher. Far superior to its predecessors, it runs on a high voltage eletrical charge that can withstand heat of up to 10000 degrees and can maintain the Maimbot for up to 2 weeks on a single charge alone. It is an enormous robot that looks a bit like a smaller version of the walker that Zim used to ruin Irk. It was engineered and designed by Invader Vax and several other Irken scientists. 

Maimbot Schematics

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