Mai is a shy,weak,dumbish,irken. She can be mean if someone frustrates her. She has a S.I.R, but she is not an invader. Her sister,Mia, cloned and modified a S.I.R for Mai. Mia is an invader. Mia keeps her invading job a secret. Mai has a disguse for Earth, only because Mia has a disguse and she also has 3-5 S.I.R's and apparently is in love with Zim. Mia helps ZIM take over Earth.  Mai decided to join along, but she didn't know that Mia was on an invading thingy, misson and she also didn't know Zim was envolved with it,so now she dosen't have a choice and has to stay with Mia. MAI hates Zim. She always wants to stab him with a lazer knife whenever her and mia are on a misson. MAI is a 18 yr old irken and lives in the massive and does nothing, only because she doesen't a have job, for some reason. She has a large family. Her Dad is Tallest Purple, MAI sounds like a little bit more of a girl version of how Purple talks.Her mom is a Mystirous Tallest that no one knows about.Same with her aunt's. MAI has a brother named Odi and he is a secret invader,like Mia. MAI's uncle is Tallest Red. She has two dead Tallest's, that are some part of the family, that ZIM killed, Miyuki and Spork.She has one 2nd cousin, quadilla and she is Purple's cousin she is an elite in the army.Mai has a
boyfriend named Rip, he is an elite in the army
Mai's sir myst
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