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Mai is, in all honesty, a rather shy, weak, and somewhat dumb Irken who can be rather mean when frustrated. Daughter of Tallest Purple, and sister of Invader Mia, Mai is a red-eyed female who lived aboard the Massive, free of a job, before moving in with her sister on Earth... and with Zim.


Born into a large family, Mai is related to at least five different Almighty Tallests, among them her father, Purple, and uncle, Red. At least two are dead, unfortunately, killed by 'Invader' Zim: Tallests Miyuki and Spork.

18 years old, she has never met her mother, and compared to the rest of her family has done very little. Her Father is one of the two heads of the government, her Aunts and Uncles are in equally prestigious positions, her cousin is an Elite, and so on.

One day, however, she decided to join her sister, Mia, on a planet known as Earth. Excited, she was equipped with her very own SIR by her sister (SIR unit Myst), and was shipped out quickly.

However, as she landed, she was filled with the hot anger of hatred as she learned the truth; Mai was actually on an Invasion mission, and with Zim, no less, one of the people that Mai detests to the point of constantly wishing to stab him with a knife.

Now, she's forced to live with her Sister, helping Zim conquer the Earth, with no choice in the matter.

Notably, she has an Earth Disguise.

Notable Friends and Family[]


  • Tallest Purple (Father)
  • Tallest Red (Uncle)
  • Mother (Unknown, Tallest)
  • Miyuki (Unknown)
  • Spork (Unknown)
  • Invader Odi (Brother, does not know of 'Invader' status)
  • Invader Mia (Sister, has multiple SIR units (3-5))
  • Elite Quadilla (Second Cousin)


  • Rip (Boyfriend)
  • SIR Unit Myst (Constructed and modified for her by Mia)
Mai's sir myst.png