"I'm sorry,but you cannot leave. This is your home now."Edit

MOTHER-301 was an artficial intelligence created to take care of Vortian children in Orphanage Z-3X6. However,it's intelligence matrix has broken down after years of neglect. It now traps any children who enter the Orphanage,keeping them alive as long as possible. However,MOTHER-301 has become quite sadistic,and will not hesitate to "discipline" anyone who disobeys her. Said discipline usually ends in major injury or death.  





MOTHR-301 has a very controlling personality,and an extremely bad temper. She also seems to suffer from her corrupt programming,causing her to have violent outbursts at times. MOTHR also seems to hate being disobeyed,and usually "punishes" anyone who does so. She also seems to enjoy torturing those that don't follow her orders,and uses it as an example to teach the children to fear her. 

MOTHER-301 speaks in a monotone,calm voice,but her voice becomes very distorted when angry.


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