MAIR was an Irken Invader, but he saw the destruction he caused and fled from Irk.


MAIR has a purple Invader uniform with a green gem on it. He has orange eyes and PAK spots, and his antennae are swept forward. His skin is also somewhat pale.

Facts of DoomEdit

MAIR is immune to most foods, but chocolate has a VERY drastic reaction, potentially being deadly.

He has has a bug in his PAK that when his emotions become extreme, he passes out.

While he is nice and pacifistic at times, against an enemy he becomes EXTREMELY aggresive.

Oddly, his PAK is quite small.

MAIR feels he is superior to loyalists however, he still finds pain and suffering enjoyable, meaning he hasn't ovrcome natural Irken behavior.


Mair was awakened just after Operation Impending Doom I and Quickly arose to become an Irken Invader. He obtained a SIR unit and a Planet (a planet made up of rocks water and cheese for some reason) after a week, he conqured it. He continued to conqurer two other planets and made a name for himself. However, after he saw a small child hiding from him and saw the parents of said child enslaved, it sparked a feeling of compasion and conflict inside of him. after a week, he decided to fight against the Irken Empire to prevent anymore devastation. He prepared to leave with his SIR Zip, when he saw a badly damaged SIR unit in a junkyard. He ordered Zip to retrieve and carry it (who just dragged it) and hopped in his voot with the robots and flew of into space. After a year of saving planets from destruction, he and both his SIRs (both functioning now) landed on Earth. Mair knew about Zim trying to destroy the Planet and wanted to stop him. He now works to stop Zim, occasionally working with Dib to do so.


Zim: While he tries to stop Zim, Mair doesn't really consider him a threat.

Gir: He finds GIR interesting, however he can never get close to him because of Zip and Zup.

Dib: He considers Dib Intelligent and respects him for his intelect. He also finds his failures funny, due to his Invader genes.

Plazatrax: He considers Plazatrax a friend and valueable engineer.

Zip: Zip was Mair's first Sir, however Zip is quite destructive and sadistic, thus contrasting with Mair greatly.

Zup: Zup is somewhat functional, however is made mostly of makeshift parts, making Mair irritated sometimes.

Invader Jib: While he finds himself working with Jib occasionally, he acknowledges thier differences and opinions of the Irken Empire, thus leving him undecided on him.

Almighty tallest Purple/Red: He thinks they're both idiots and are some of the only people Mair hates.

Bounty Hunter Tip: He is wary of Tip and considers him a threat.

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