M@ST3R1-3-6 is a Control Brain who serves as the current Supreme Control Brain. As the Supreme Control Brain, he is controlled by the current Irken Emperor. He controls massive amounts of the Irken Empire. He, like all previous Supreme Control Brains, is forced by the Emperor to force the other Control Brains to pass the decisions of the Emperor onto the Tallest.


He looks like a ginormous version of the Control Brain seen in The Frycook What Came from All That Space.


You're not supposed to know about M@ST3R1-3-6. You will not be told any more information about him. And now that you've been told about him, your memory of ever being told about M@ST3R1-3-6 will be erased. He's top secret. Only the Control Brains and Emperor Vis are to know about him. 

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