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M.I.R (Miniature Information Retriever) is Invader Kae's SIR Unit. She, unlike most SIR Units, is very small, about two-thirds the size of the average.


M.I.R is about 2/3 the size of a normal SIR Unit. Unlike most, her eyes, chestplate, antenne, shoulders, and wrists are purple instead of red. She bears a striking resemblace to GIR, but with artificial eyelashes.


M.I.R is very sophisticated and can get a little sarcastic at times. On occasion, she acts like GIR due to a malfunction in her programming. When this happens, her features turn from purple to pink and her voice gets slightly higher pitched. This only happens for a few minutes, though.


Zim : M.I.R and Zim have minimal interaction with each other. She usually only sees him when she's with Kae.

G.I.R : M.I.R and G.I.R are better friends than anyone can imagine. They are almost always together and never leave each other's side. They are always talking about one thing or another, even though G.I.R is usually the one talking.

Kae: Kae is M.I.R's master. They share somewhat of a sisterly relationship and are always willing to help each other.

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