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A zealous, aggressive, and particularly persistent Irken Male, Lurch was both something of a model Irken soldier, as well as an arrogant warrior. Strong but stubborn, he rose through the ranks at a steady pace for a time, but in his rather Irken lust for power, he reached too far.

Striving for perfection in his way alone, he was known for rejecting the ideas of others most of the time, believing that his way was the way to victory. On one hand, this made the late Lurch a very focused and stubborn warrior, refusing to give ground; on the other, it made him abrasive and rather abusive due to his frankly egotistic personal views.

One way or the other, though, he still met a rather brutal end.

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Born on Irk, Lurch lived a rather simple academy life. Stubborn and strong, he was often (over)confident and consistently believed that it was his way, or the high way. Seeing himself as superior, he often imposed himself as the leader in many situations, and notably had occasional problems with his commanders in training.

Often in his early years, he was matched up with a bright young cadet named Entra whom he was known to order around often, expecting obedience due to his supposedly inherent superiority.

Thus, when matched up under the command of a smeet named Averii, the then-infamous Academy Cadet who'd been publicly flogged for incompetence, his expectations weren't high. Somewhat vocal about this, he assumed that Ave would be a pushover when it came to it in the sim-training arena.

Long story short, Averii tore him to pieces. Quite literally, in fact. Thus, a rivalry was sparked that would be rather lively in the years ahead, often seeing Lurch being made a fool of.

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