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Mario feels that most of his friends don't appreciate him after heavy arguing. Soon,in the LSD Schmoob crosses the line and ignores him,making him angry. Suddenly,Mario and Hatbot are thrown into an alternate universe through an LSD portal because of Schmoob's neglect. In this universe,an apocalypse has destroyed the Irken race and killed everyone but an Alternate Zik. Will Mario survive? No,he's doomed you filthy human fools-

This takes place after Visitor From A Future of Doom

A comic version by AmetrineSkies/Lecture-Cherry:


*One day in the L.S.D.*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Sigh* Schmoob..

Schmoob: *Schmoob is standing still,with a straight face and no expression*

Kiziklu: (""m8""

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I honestly feel as if you don't really care about me. You drag me on un-reasonable and dangerous adventures and ABUSE hatbot.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I've tried telling you before, but you simply don't LISTEN.

Schmoob: *Schmoob is still*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...

Schmoob: ( Misty care you registered?

Schmoob: are*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Schmoob, I am talking to you.

Kiziklu: (I think but..

Schmoob: *Schmoob is idle*

Kiziklu: (I can't really record

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I expect an answer...

Schmoob: (Can you copy paste at all? ._.

Kiziklu: (Itd be very difficult..

Schmoob: ( Hmmm

Kiziklu: (Like.. I'd lose progress I did

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...

Kiziklu: (If

Kiziklu: (So I can't

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Gahhh, I hate fights .n.

Schmoob: ( The last rp?

Kiziklu: (Cant get out of this tab even without disconnecting here

Schmoob: ( I can record this RP

Eren Mayoeger: (Okay

Schmoob: ( You can't edit wiki articles can you.. ._.

Schmoob: ( * :I

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: L-U-R-K. Are you ignoring me...?

Kiziklu: (No not on this probably

Schmoob: *Schmoob falls over,revealing it to be a cardboard cutout*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ....................

Kiziklu: (ey knoo it

Schmoob: *It snaps in half on impact,the back of it says " HOP U FELL BETTER M8,I"M GONNA GO HUNTIN FOR FION,BI"

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: .. o.o

Schmoob: "P.S. I ate your lunch.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Really... really.. really.. REALLY.. REAAAAALLLLLYYY?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Rnnn.. that freaking idiot..

Schmoob: *A cute little robot rolls over*

Schmoob: Robot:Wots wrong mr?

Schmoob: *Calm,happy cheery music*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Schmoob, that's what's wrong.

Schmoob: Robot:U wook sad-

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: How do I get out of this stupid place.

Schmoob: Robot:Don't say stoopid mr,thats not vewy nice

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Hey are you trying to copy me |:<? *glares at the robot*

Kiziklu: (Que 8bit animal crossing music omg

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Whatever. How do I leave this place?

Schmoob: Robot:"Whatever" isn't polite Mr!

Schmoob: Robot:You need a hug!

Schmoob: *The robot hugs his leg*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ... *sigh* No. Please just show me a way out.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I'm not in the mood. I want to leave.

Schmoob: Robot:Why?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Uhggg.... listen. You know what would really cheer me up? If you showed me an exit.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Do that, and I'll be "happy". Okay?

Schmoob: Robot:Why do you want to weave? We can be bwest fwiends.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...*antenna twitch*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Just show me a way out.. pleaaaaase *irritated tone*

Schmoob: Robot:Wwhhhyyyy?

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: You're more annoying than me o.o

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: We can leave together, OKAY?? I just want to leave.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I have no idea where to go, this place is really weird and it's ticking me off.


Eren Mayoeger: (*5 hours later* *mario finally leaves*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: |: ....

Schmoob: *THe robot's chest bursts open,16 insectinoid legs come out*

Schmoob: Robot:*ROARS*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ._. ...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: What the H..?

*The Robot's head displays a holographic giant H in Mario's face*

Kiziklu: (I knew you wouldn't stay cute long-

Eren Mayoeger: (same-

*the hologram shuts off*

Schmoob: *The robot's head rips in half,tenetacles come out and grab Mario*

Schmoob: *The robot grabs hatbot as well*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: AHHH- *Spiderlegs come out of his PAK, and he starts stabbing the robot*

Schmoob: *The robot throws Mario into a random portal,along with Hatbot*


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: GHH--

Schmoob: *A laser hits the robot,it explodes*

Schmoob: *Smoke clears,revealing Schmoob*

Schmoob: Schmoob:?

Schmoob: Schmoob:...

Schmoob: Schmoob:The cardboard cutout must've worked.

Schmoob: *Schmoob walks away,holding mario's favorite stuff,destroyed and ruined*

Schmoob: Schmoob:*hums*

Eren Mayoeger: (I wouldn't be surprised if Mario hated Schmoob after this-

Eren Mayoeger: *Mario and Hatbot fall out the other side of the portal face first*

Schmoob: ( Schmoob: i fixed your video games

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Activates his bubble helmet just to be safe*

Schmoob: ( thanks Schmoob

Schmoob: ( mario:*turns it on*



Eren Mayoeger: (oh god--


Kiziklu: (Omg

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I thought Schmoob was my friend...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Vok was right...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: He's no friend of mine.

Schmoob: ( brb bed

Schmoob: ( iso troll.exe

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Wooww...

Eren Mayoeger: (eh, we're done the Schmoob part so I guess we could keep continuing

Schmoob: ( misty if you can see if you can get the recording..somehow

Schmoob: ( ill be back in a few mins though @mario

Eren Mayoeger: (Oh, ok

Kiziklu: ... *upon noticing the surroundings, there's a horrid destruction.. but it feels familiar. Closer inspection brings a thought - This is Irk* ((I cant :c

Schmoob: ( well i'm going to go harvest blood then,brb

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Is this... Irk?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Schmoob probably sent me to another alternate universe..

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: GREAT!

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Maybe we'll find another Hatbot! then we'll be best friends.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: :/

Kiziklu: *no bustling streets, but buildings remain as if to try to grasp what they once saw*.. *seems nobody is around, if you don't consider the dead*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Looks like this place got trashed...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Nobody seems to be alive. We could be stranded for life..

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Aw man. This sucks!

Kiziklu: *the smoky, reddish black sky reflects a musty smell of rubble and the putrid stench of death*..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Starts walking*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Uhg.. this place smells like decaying bodies..

Kiziklu: (i write books m8

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Good thing I can't smell.

Eren Mayoeger: (yeah I can tell, you're pretty good at writing.

Kiziklu: (='3'=

Kiziklu: ... *after a moment's walk, there's a crunching sound, it giving the feeling of footsteps. Is something there?*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Hatbot.. I think I hear footsteps...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I think that might be a survivor... *raises his voice* HELLO? ANYBODY THERE??

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Hopefully it's another me <.>​

Kiziklu: ... *it stops*. ... .. Mario?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah! My name is Mario.. wait . . . how did you know that?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: That voice..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Zik..?

Kiziklu: ... *a gap opens in front of him, then Zik peeks out* ?!

Schmoob: ( BACK

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Oh, hey..


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: What happened here!?

Schmoob: ( I have an idea

Kiziklu: You.. couldn't be alive

Schmoob: ( For the recording

Kiziklu: (wat

Schmoob: ( I'll just burrow your acccount for a minute,and then look at the recording

Schmoob: ( and give it back of course-

<p class="a" style="font-family:Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif;margin:3px;clear:both;color:rgb(0,0,0);line-heig

Schmoob: ( oh wow that was easier then i thought

Kiziklu: (:u

Schmoob: ( do I log out again

Schmoob: OOHH wait nvm

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yes.. I'm certainly alive. Did your Mario happen to die?

Schmoob left the chat 9 minutes ago

Kiziklu: ... I saw them all die.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I'm from an alternate universe.. I was brought here on accident.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Oh wow...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I'm so sorry for your loss.

Kiziklu: *his face had the look of fresh torment* . . .

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: o-o Wow... that's some sad stuff..

Mr.Uhh..Mysterious..guy.. left the chat 8 minutes ago

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: So.. everyone died on Irk in this universe..? Well except you.. obviously. . . .

Kiziklu: By mistake. So you're stranded. Like me.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yes..

Schmoob ok joined the chat 7 minutes ago

Schmoob ok: umm

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: How long have you been here?

Kiziklu: They're gone. Their bodies, they're .. in one of my new spots... I practically own Irk now... nobody Is here..

Schmoob ok joined the chat 6 minutes ago

Kiziklu: ... It happened only a few days ago.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Oh.. geez...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: If you don't mind me asking.. what happened?

Kiziklu: I hid most of the time...

Kiziklu: *teary eyed, his cheeks have a reddish path.. seems he's more allergic to water than most*

Kiziklu: *a faint pair of handmarks around his eyes as well* ..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Seeing you sad.. makes me kinda sad.. you're basically the Zik I know..

Schmoob ok joined the chat 3 minutes ago

Kiziklu: You're practically a mirror of my Mario.

Kiziklu: At least I made up with Menami before this happened..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ..*Hugs Zik* I'm so very, very sorry for your loss.

Schmoob ok joined the chat 2 minutes ago

Kiziklu: ..I appreciate ye visit.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ..! I know what I can do. I can bring you back with me, where all your friends are still alive!

Kiziklu: ? But, how.. we're just going to starve here..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Hm...

Schmoob ok joined the chat 98 seconds ago

Kiziklu: Nothing works.. your world, it's different from mine.. I couldn't reach it..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Where did Schmoob die?

Kiziklu: ? Ahn...

Kiziklu: ..Why?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Hopefully he has that weird L.S.D. remote like my Schmoob had. We could possibly use it?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: It's at least help us get off Irk.

Eren Mayoeger: It'd*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Then we could work our way from there.

Schmoob ok: ( Argh. I can only look at history if this was a premimum room..which "costs money durr"

Kiziklu: ..*sitting on gap*.. Right.. his body. I carried it with the others.

Mario: Okay, I just need you to bring him over to me. Or vice versa..

Kiziklu: .. *stands* Ive an abandoned small building with em in it. I wanted em out the weather.

Kiziklu: ..*walks away* Follow me.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *follows Zik*

Kiziklu: It's almost as if you comin was fate.

Kiziklu: ..Is a long way from ere.. les talk.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Alright..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Now.. the only problem is, the Menami in my universe already has a boyfriend.. A.K.A. other Zik.

Kiziklu: Hmm?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: So you can't hook back up with her when we get there.

Kiziklu: *antenna up*... I know..

Kiziklu: *they droop* ..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I guess you guys could still be really close friends..

Kiziklu: ..Ay, do me a favor. Me real name. I never told ye.

Kiziklu: It'll come useful for.. the other Zik.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Okay..

Schmoob ok: ( Is there anyone you guys know who's a preimium user?

Kiziklu: Kiziklu Bey. Say the first part, ah?

Kiziklu: (No

Eren Mayoeger: (*shrug*

Schmoob ok: ( Not even the​?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Ki-zik-lu..?


Kiziklu: Kiziklu.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: That's a neat name.

Kiziklu: Named after me grandad.

Eren Mayoeger: (cam: ill help you on one condition, Schmoob rps as amy for me everyday

Kiziklu: (Omg yes

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Wait, did Vok die in this universe too?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Just wondering.

Kiziklu: Everyone... as far as I know..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I guess you're lucky to be alive.. well sorta.

Kiziklu: It's Hell to live..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah.. sorry. I don't know why I said that.

Kiziklu: I kept on because I thought I'd get somewhere. .... I did. You came.

Kiziklu: I'm lucky to have me cane in tact.

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: This stuff is reaaaally depressing.

Kiziklu: *its wrapped in cloth*.. *seems it was broken*.

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Usually I'm the one to be really happy all the time.

Kiziklu: ... World ends, ye tend to get sad, Hatbot.

Schmoob ok: ( Hey! I've got an idea!

Kiziklu: (???

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Y'know, I always kinda had a.. crush on my Zik, and to think I used to hate him. But he's dating Menami and whatever.. it doesn't really matter.

Eren Mayoeger: (?

Schmoob ok: ( Why don't we continue the last rp from where the recording left off-

Kiziklu: ... Eheh. Mario.

Schmoob ok: ( *chat explodes*

Schmoob ok: ( *Angry mob*

Eren Mayoeger: (because Lir, Vax, Miz, and Cin aren't here..?

Kiziklu: I really wanted to stay with ye and Menami at the same time

Schmoob ok: ( I mean tommorrow

Eren Mayoeger: (oh

Schmoob ok: ( but

Schmoob ok: ( Angry mob-

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Well.. your Menami is gone... and my Menami is dating another Zik...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Maybe... *nervous tone* we could... be together..?

Schmoob ok: ( we'll have to continue where it left off,since y'know,it was cinn's intro its important.. .-.

Kiziklu: ..*cheeks flush at this*..

Kiziklu: ... *looking at with the same nervous vibe, but hopeful*

Kiziklu: ... Thinkin is a better thing than bein alone. *smile*

Kiziklu: Dunno how it got to this, really.

Schmoob ok: ( wait..mazr is the first homosexual pairing in irken conquest. congrats

Eren Mayoeger: (ye

Schmoob ok: (*posts irken conquest to public*

Kiziklu: (yay

Schmoob ok: ( "GAY"

Schmoob ok: ( "OMG GAY FUGGOTS LOL"


Kiziklu: (omg


Eren Mayoeger: (fuggots

Eren Mayoeger: (XD

Schmoob ok: (gggufots

Kiziklu: ...We can kiss on the couch and not get heck from her. *wink*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: You're just an amazing person.. you're beautiful.. nice.. charming.. brave

Kiziklu: I don't know whar you got bootiful, mate

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I have no idea how I could possibly hate you back then.

Kiziklu: *smile* S'all in the past

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ... *Hugs Zik* I love you so much..

Kiziklu: Ay. Me thinks yer a cute guy with a lotta strength and heart.. *nuzzle* Loves ye too

Schmoob ok joined the chat

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: weeelp, congrats on the relationship guys.

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: anyways, not trying to ruin the mood or whatever, but are we close?

Kiziklu: We only just got walkin.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: uwu..

Kiziklu: It'll be a moment, bot.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah, have a little more patience Hatbot.

Kiziklu: 'Sides... it can wait. *purr~*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: owo

Kiziklu: Didn't think it'd happen in a many years. Least it continues somewhere else..

Kiziklu: Yknow, her and me.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Are we almost there?

Kiziklu: ...Me thinks yer a great guy. Real big heart, room nough fer somebody like me.

Kiziklu: *continues on, it not too long away*..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Eheh.. *blushes* thanks.

Kiziklu: ..*walks inside a partially fallen building*.. *theres bodies huddled under blankets*.. *walks to Schmoob's, pulling it off*

Kiziklu: ... *tapping around* ... Ah.. Right. It was in his Pak wadnt it.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Alright.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah. I guess we have to rip it open.

Kiziklu: ..His got tore off from a fall.

Kiziklu: We'll have to look somewhere else.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Dang..

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: MORE walking??

Kiziklu: Ye aint even got legs, mate.

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Yeah, I know! But it's making me tired watch you guys walk.

Eren Mayoeger: watching*

Kiziklu: We can find the place he fell. Probably not hard or far.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Wait, is LIR in here too?

Kiziklu: Yea.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Great! I remember Schmoob telling me there's some kind of portal generator inside of his head.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: We could use that to our advantage.

Kiziklu: He right here.. *picking him up from Schmoob's arms*.. He aint gonna turn on, but if it works regardless..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I'm pretty sure it works regardless.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: We've gotta tinker with it before using it though.

Kiziklu: ..*opens his head*.. How it work..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Let me thing for a second..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I've gotta remember what Schmoob told me about it..

Schmoob ok: *Schmoob's corpse is mangled and missing it's eyes,he's grabbing hold of a burnt fionna doll*

Kiziklu: ..*reaching inside, grabbing an open energy drink*.. *sipping...then gulping*..

Kiziklu: *his pam

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I remember it being poorly designed, as in it'd send us to the L.S.D. if something that belonged to him entered first.

Kiziklu: *phone NO

Schmoob ok: ( *types gtg*

Schmoob ok: ( phone:greg

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: So we could use a piece of his hair.

Schmoob ok: GRGGHH-

Schmoob ok: (*

Eren Mayoeger: (oh okay

Eren Mayoeger: (Bye

Schmoob ok: ( I dont gtg

Eren Mayoeger: (wait, pm first

Schmoob ok: ( it was a joke-

Eren Mayoeger: (oh

Eren Mayoeger: (0h

Kiziklu: (greg

Schmoob ok: ( my phone types gtg as greg-

Kiziklu: (Our new gtg

Schmoob ok: ( greg huffofley

Eren Mayoeger: ("sorry guys I greg"

Eren Mayoeger: ("aww man, bye"

Kiziklu: ... *tearing a piece of his hair off*.. *drops it inside*

Kiziklu: (Schmoob in lsd: what in hell *sees his hair falling*

Eren Mayoeger: (XDD

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Alright, I think we can enter now.

Kiziklu: ..*curiously sticks hand inside*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: You can go first.

Kiziklu: ..Whal, I've never done dis.. *peeks inside*..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Grabs another piece of Schmoob's hair* We may need this when we're inside the L.S.D.

Kiziklu: Oh.. awight.

Kiziklu: *just dives in the portal*

Kiziklu: *yolo right*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *goes in after Zik*

Eren Mayoeger: *They're now inside the L.S.D.*

Kiziklu: ... Somebody be addicted to som'in to make dis..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I was never a fan of this place.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: It alwaaaaays caused trouble.

Schmoob ok: *A purple flying worm thing flies by Kiz,it has 6 eyes and giant red lips*

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: This place is funky.

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: O.o

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah, forgot to mention this place is extremely weird..

Kiziklu: Oh.

Schmoob ok: *It's mouth opens and randomly burps out meteorites*

Eren Mayoeger: that this*

Schmoob ok: *A giant planet made of greeen jelatin is above them,the ground is made of white metal tiles*

Schmoob ok: (greeeeeennn

Kiziklu: ... Figures by the name..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I'm pretty sure there's some kind of area where we choose our destination..

Schmoob ok: *A giant Menami head with 5 legs and claws runs by,screaming in a demonic voice*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...


Kiziklu: ...*shiverring, clings to him*

Schmoob ok: *The LSD is filled with weird distorted noises and roars*


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Oh uh.. not really.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: It's okay. I'm here for ya

Kiziklu: I got it. *looks at*

Kiziklu: ..*smile*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *smiles back*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *looks around, hoping to find the area he mentioned before*

Kiziklu: *titenic*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Hm..

Eren Mayoeger: (Schmoob pm-

Kiziklu: ...*concentrates on Mario's thoughts to keep calm* ..

Schmoob ok: *The portal generator sparks*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Eh..? *looks down at the portal generator*

Kiziklu: ? ...

Schmoob ok: Generator:Internal Damage,15 minutes of usage left until data repair,may result in loss of data.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Ohh...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: So we've got 15 minutes...

Kiziklu: Oh. ... We gotta hurry...

Schmoob ok: Generator:Are you gonna select ya destination or not yeh stupid morons. *Voice beginning to mess up*

Schmoob ok: Generator:*Yells at the two in russian*

Kiziklu: ..What's the name of your dimension...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: :/ uh.. Z-14 , Irk

Schmoob ok: Generator:Z-14? OH I KNOW DAT PLACE

Kiziklu: ... Look, mate. Don't be callin us idiots in Russian. D<

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Russian!?

Schmoob ok: Generator:Like Z-16,but less destructive and doomy,or Z-19,BUT LESS FULL OF VOHEDR-ROOTBEER

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Okay, what do I do now!?

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Generator give us your answers o:<

Schmoob ok: Generator:I didn't call ya idiots in russian,I called ya things that yer lucky ur innocent ole pal hatty over der didnt heer!

Kiziklu: ...<<

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Schmoob ok: Generator:Anywey

Kiziklu: Aint got time for dis!! *fists clench*


Kiziklu: (hi), please.


Kiziklu: D<

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ... ok, let's go Zik. *Presses the green button*

Kiziklu: Awight..

Schmoob ok: *A touch screen comes up*

Schmoob ok: computer:*monotone voice* Choose your destination.

Schmoob ok: *Tons of dimensions are on the screen*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Again...? There's so many dimensions..

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: How am I supposed to find Z-14 in time!?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Computer, can I just select it by saying it to you?

Schmoob ok: "Dream Dimension,Z-657,Vok's world...I think...,Potato Land,IBT's kingdom,jelly land"

Schmoob ok: computer:Use the search icon above

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Okay, okay.

Schmoob ok: computer:and type it in

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *taps the search icon, and types "Z-14, Irk"

Eren Mayoeger: *


Kiziklu: ..Okay.

Schmoob ok: computer:You got about..uh..4 minutes left.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Okay :l

Schmoob ok: computer:QUIT IT! D<

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: OKAY OK OKAY OK OKAY OK

Kiziklu: Okay.

Schmoob ok: computer: I HAVE ISSUES OK

Schmoob ok: *the computer sparks*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: You just said ok..

Schmoob ok: computer:2 minutes

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *presses enter*

Kiziklu: ...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Come on hurry up!

Schmoob ok: *loading: 20&*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: o_o

Schmoob ok: *generator plays elevator music*

Schmoob ok: loading:36........21%

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: INTENSE STUFF

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ..

Schmoob ok: loading:.......40%

Schmoob ok: computer:30

Schmoob ok: computer:29

Schmoob ok: computer:28

Schmoob ok: computer:27

Schmoob ok: loading:.....66%

Kiziklu: Hurry up.

Schmoob ok: computer:15

Schmoob ok: computer:14

Schmoob ok: computer:12

Schmoob ok: computer:69

Schmoob ok: computer:420

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: :|

Schmoob ok: *computer sparks*

Schmoob ok: loading: 666%

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: o_O

Schmoob ok: *The portal generator vibrates*

Kiziklu: ...Kay then....

Schmoob ok: computer: WOW I HATE BEING SENTIENT.

Schmoob ok: computer:*the generator opens up a portal,sucking them in*

Kiziklu: !

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Weeeeeee

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: !!

Schmoob ok: computer:WELP,TIME TO END IT.

Schmoob ok: *the computer self destructs,exploding*

Schmoob ok: *The portal opens up in Menami's apartment*

Schmoob ok: *It's empty,the lights are shut off*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *manages to land on his feet*

Kiziklu: ! ..Mew's apartment...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Sigh* I'm glad it's all over..

Kiziklu: *but hes on the floor pff*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: It looks like she's not home.

Kiziklu: *standing up.. the cane collapses, him falling as it does* >​ <

Schmoob ok: *Schmoob rises from between the couch cushion,slowly*

Schmoob ok: *creepy music plays*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Helps Zik up*

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:...hheeeeyyyy mmmeennnaaaammmiiiiiii

Kiziklu: ....

Eren Mayoeger: Kiziklu**

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:*looks around*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Schmoob.. is that you?

Kiziklu: ..*clings to Mario* ..

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Oh she must be on Elite duty.

Schmoob ok: *Schmoob turns on TV*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: You ...freaking...idiot....god da-

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Oh hi Mario-

Kiziklu: ..Ay.. ey need a nee cane.. u u Again.

Kiziklu: ...*new

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:What did I tell you about our PG rating Mario?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I almost got trapped on an alternate IRK!

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Because of yoouuuuu...

Eren Mayoeger:

Kiziklu: ..With me. *hes all tore up and stuff* ...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I.. HATE YOU Schmoob. You do nothing but put me in dangerous, you ignore my needs, you ABUSE Hatbot.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: From this day forward, you're not my friend.

Kiziklu: .... *watching* ...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Can't believe I stayed with you, all these years.

Eren Mayoeger: dangerous places*

Kiziklu: ...Schmoob, go out and buy me a new one, ah..?

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Schmoob uh, you gonna respond? You kinda pissed your best friend off-

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbo: Well ex-best-friend..

Schmoob ok: {vex unapproves}* )

Kiziklu: I shall immediately take advantage of you living. ^^;

Schmoob ok: ( fixed-

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Well..uh...Um..

Kiziklu: (Yep

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: You ain't gonna defend yourself, Schmob?

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Schmob Flob

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: .o.

Schmoob ok:'m..s-

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:I'm...*whispers* sorry

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: No. You've had so many chances.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Uh...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I don't care.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: This was the last straw.

Kiziklu: ..*nuzzling Mario*.. u u

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:*gives a piece of menami's pie on the table to mario*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: uwu... *looks back at Schmoob* :l...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: You think PIE is gonna save you?

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: No.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: It's o v e r.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:BUT

Kiziklu: ..I'll eat it..

Kiziklu: I'm starving.


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah, go ahead Zik.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Or your father,he's EVIL!

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I can defend myself.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Infact, you barely do anything but spazz in fights.

Kiziklu: *picking it up, eating*.. >​^<~!

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:I'm the only one with the technology to defeat inter dimensional abominations!

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah, SO? He was able to make it clear to me that you're a HORRIBLE friend!

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:but

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I've done SO much for you, yet you bring me to dangerous situations for STUPID reasons, ABUSE hatbot, and DITCH me when I'm upset.

Kiziklu: ...Least the trip got you to save me. *smile*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Yeah... u.u

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Schmoob, you can go and find somebody else to be your best friend. Because I can't tolerate you anymore.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Hngh..I..

Kiziklu: *licking fingers*..

Eren Mayoeger: Vok: *creeping through a crack in the wall*

Eren Mayoeger: Vok: . u .

Eren Mayoeger: Vok: Pffff *chuckles*

Kiziklu: ... I sense somebody creepin.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:I only ditch you because..I can't deal with you being just...


Kiziklu: ..Yer a joik, Loiwk.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Goodbye Schmoob. I'm done with you.

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Sigh* Zik, I'll talk with Menami about your situation. Then you can stay at my house for awhile, I guess.

Kiziklu: Sounds cool..

Eren Mayoeger: (RP end?

Schmoob ok: ( wait-

Eren Mayoeger: (?

Kiziklu: (owo?

Schmoob ok: ( i didnt finish Schmoob's talk-

Kiziklu: (Ok^^

Kiziklu: (Continue while I get water

Eren Mayoeger: (okay

Schmoob ok: ( brb

Kiziklu: (100% fresh irony :'D

Eren Mayoeger: (yeah XD

Schmoob ok: ( back

Eren Mayoeger joined the chat

Eren Mayoeger: Hatbot: Do you have anything else to say Schmoob?

Schmoob ok: Schmoob: I'm sorry I ditch you all the time..Alright? I just..I can't bare to see you upset..or anyone

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: That's not all you do. you bring me to dangerous situations for stupid reasons and abuse hatbot.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:I hate having to deal with these emotions..

Eren Mayoeger: You*

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:Gaurgh...Hngh...Som​etimes I can't control myself...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: I've done so much for you, yet I can't have one serious talk with you. And you abandoned the talk for FIONNA.

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:I feel like I need to get things done..and I don't think about my friends...

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Whatever. I don't care anymore

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Let's go Zik..

Eren Mayoeger: (did misty leave-

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:...I NEED TO FIND HER. *Schmoob's shines become thinner*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ... Wow

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND *Grabs by the shirt*

Eren Mayoeger: (rp end?

Eren Mayoeger: (o

Eren Mayoeger: (ahhh misty left--


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: .. Get your hand off of me.

Eren Mayoeger: hands* 

*Pushes Schmoob off*



Eren Mayoeger: Mario: Whatever, apparently friends don't matter.

Schmoob ok: *Schmoob's shines become unnaturally thin*

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:*Begins to sweat*


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: *Holds Zik's hand and pulls him outside of Menami room* Bye.

Schmoob ok: *Schmoob holds his head*

Eren Mayoeger: Menami's*


Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...Screw you, idiot.

Eren Mayoeger: (rp end??

Schmoob ok: Schmoob:*PAK legs come out,they fire lasers at the window,shattering it*

Eren Mayoeger: Mario: ...

Schmoob ok: *Schmoob crawls out of the building,cackling uncontrollably*

Eren Mayoeger: (weird, it showed misty online on the chat for a sec

Schmoob ok: *A discarded Fionna doll is on the floor*

Eren Mayoeger: (rp end??

Eren Mayoeger: (i've gotta sleep

Schmoob ok: ( d'awww

Schmoob ok: ( You sure you can't stay up?

Eren Mayoeger: (well, there's nothing else to add

Schmoob ok: (..Misty didnt GTG did she?

Eren Mayoeger: (and I have school tomorrow

Schmoob ok: ( I feel awake

Eren Mayoeger: (she left randomly

Eren Mayoeger: (I guess that'll be the rp end

Eren Mayoeger: (bye

Schmoob ok: ( Ok