Lok is an Irken Elite soldier who is a former Invader who retired to being an Elite after completing his mission.


Lok was a soldier for almost all of his life. He passed the Invader test on Planet Devastis. He was sent to a planet called Elecoa during Operation Impending Doom 1, which he conquered with his SIR Unit, Key. Afterwards, Lok did not want to stop serving in the military, so he became a special kind of Irken Elite he calls a Solo.


Lok is eager to fight for Irk in any way he can. He loves serving in the military, which is questionable, as soldiers often put their lives in danger. He is cautious and wary in all situations. Squadron operations are not Lok's strong suit, as he normally works alone, but he can pull them off.


Lok has indigo eyes and wears a black and blue customized soldier uniform. His PAK is slightly longer than most, and has light blue spots. He wears blue boots with black tips and blue gloves with black fingers. Lok's antennae are shorter than usual but have the same shape.


Captain Tix- Tix is in charge of some of Lok's personalized training. They are great friends, and may possess feelings for each other.

Invader Ark- Ark and Lok are friends, but do not know each other particularly well.

Vira- Lok and Vira do not trust each other.

Invader Ax- Lok hates Ax very, very much. Ax doesn't even notice him most of the time.

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