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Liz is an Irken Invader who the Tallest sent to Earth to 'help' Zim destroy Earth.


Liz can be pushy, but has a huge soft side when it comes to certain people. She gets annoyed and upset easily if something doesn't turn out as she planned and she seems to overreact over everything. She won't say that she likes her SIR Unit, UKI, but if anything bad happened to her, she wouldn't like it. She isn't really a good invader as it is revealed she blew up half of Irk trying to help her friend, Invader Saf, fix his blaster.


Irken- Liz has the regular green Irken skin with unusual pink eyes and a light pink Irken outfit and the usual PAK. She also has curly antennae.

Human Disguise- Liz has blue eyes, black hair, and wears a green hat, a turquoise shirt with a dark gray jacket, and light magenta skinny jeans.

Forgot her PAK...


Zim: Liz hates Zim and always will. She sees him as a rival to the race to destroy Earth. She has tried numerous times to destroy Zim, or to get rid of him, and pulls pranks and embarrasses him in Skool.

Liz's SIR, UKI

The Almighty Tallest: Liz is aware of their dislike for her, but she tries to please them in any way she can.

Saf: Liz is Saf's best friend on Irk. It is revealed that she likes him, but it is unknown if he likes her.