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Nightmare fuel[]

  • Anything that comes out of a rift is usually incredibly strange and or pure nightmare fuel. What's worse? The dimensions that these eldritch horrors come from are completely unknown. Probably for the best.
  • Another thing about rifts. They can open at any time and in any place. There is no telling what could come out of them or even what dimension to lead to. There is no known way to close a rift,and they have he capability to DESTROY AN ENTIRE PLANET if not stopped.
  • Lurk destroyed about a thousand dimensions on accident. Had Lurk not wasted his time so much looking for Fionna,he could have become a literal multiversal conqueror.

Fridge Horror[]

  • Considering rifts can open in any universe,does that include ours?
  • How do we even know our reality isnt suffering from mutliversal decay right now?
  • Lurk's PAK is permanently damaged and is implied to delete his memories,and it is also the main cause of his mental instability. Note that his condition is permanent. What's worse? He will never go back to what he was once before his PAK was damaged. Lurk is eessentially a shell of his former self.
  • How many other irkens have suffered from pak conditions like lurk? In fact perhaps we already have answers to that question...
  • Regarding King Nark,how do we know there isn't a universe/alternate timeline where his plan succeeded? Worse,he could be prepping to destroy Z-14 right now..