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 [hide] *1 Dr. Zalvoor

Dr. Zalvoor[edit]Edit

[1]Dr. ZalvoorDr. Zalvoor (Voiced by Christopher Lloyd) is an evil Vortian scientist that takes up residence on earth, somewhere under ground, with plans to conquer the planet. He attempts this by sending one of his Generals, General Zogar (Voiced by Dan Castellaneta), along with several hundred foot soldiers to capture and force the mayor to hand the city over to him. Zalvoors Second Appearance is inCitizen Zalvoor Dr. Zalvoor's scientists accidentally create a mutant shark monster (Voiced by Wally Wingert) while experimenting on shark DNA. Dr. Zalvoor however, is pleased with the monster, which he calls "Jawzoid" and uses the monster for his plan. Dr. Zalvoor then sends Jawzoid to kidnap the candidates for the city's upcoming mayoral elections. Dr. Zalvoor then disguises himself as the more popular candidate (via hologram) so he can become mayor. In The Wrath of Zalvoor Tired of the failure of his minions, Dr. Zalvoor attempts to destroy Stan himself with his giant battle mech. It is up to Stan to defeat Dr. Zalvoor and his newest weapon or be crushed trying. In Tak Invader Zim's old foe Tak returns to earth in hopes of capturing Dr. Zalvoor and presenting him to the Tallests in hopes of becoming in Invader. When she meets Stan and finds that they are battling the same foe, they agree to team up. Things go bad however when after being captured by Dr. Zalvoor's soldiers, Tak double crosses Stan by accepting a bribe in a large sum of monies from Dr. Zalvoor to stay out of his business.

Zangas Valtron[edit]Edit

[2]Zangas ValtronZangas Valtron (Voiced by Brad Garrett) is an old enemy of Dr. Zeeltor whome Zeeltor thought had died in an explosion has traced the Doctor to earth, in hopes of destroying him. With the help of Stan, Valtron is apprehended by the galactic authorities. In The Return of Zangas Valtron Zangas Valtron breaks out of prison and returns to earth to exact his revenge on the doctor. He does this by kidnapping Stan and then threatening to destroy him if Dr. Zeeltor doesn't surrender himself. In Escape and Confusion Zangas Valtron breaks out of prison with the help of a shapeshifting blob-like monster named Zurt (Voiced by Mark Hamill) who was sent by General Gyro-gear. Upon his escape, Zangas Valtron agrees to help General Gyro-gear destroy Stan, as long as he is givin the opportunity to personaly destroy Dr. Zeeltor. In Zekklomium Dr. Zeeltor inherits a mine full of a rare alien metal called Zekklomium on his home planet of Zekklom 7 from his recently deceased uncle. So he and Stan go to Zekklom 7 to check up on the doctor's newfound wealth. Unfortunatly, Zangas Valtron finds out about Dr. Zeeltor's wealth and follows him and Stan to Zekklom 7 to steal the Doctor's Zekklomium. In Old Foe, New Position After the destruction of Mr. Layzor, General Cyberclaw begins searching for a new second in command- one who is also interested in outing Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. The General's search leads him to the prison planet of Vorlon where he finds Zangas Valtron, who is also interested in outing the duo. So the General breaks Zangas Valtron out of prison and makes the fugitive his new second-in-command. General Cyberclaw then send Zangas Valtron, as well as a troup of robotic soldiers to take out Stan. In Brothers in Crime Upon escaping from prison, Zangas Valtron enlists the help of his brother Zayak (Voiced by Ray Romano), a former assassin for mobster Boss Slorr to aid him in taking out Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. Their plans change however when they are recruited by Vaul to lead his forces as generals.

Lord Garvon[edit]Edit

[3]Lord GarvonLord Garvon (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is A wanted reptilian mercinary. He first appears in Season 2 in a 3 Part episode The Arrival pt 1The Arrival pt 2 and The Arrival pt 3. Lord Garvon and his men land on earth, hoping to conquer and convert it into a large planet-sized base for his planet. When Stan discovers Lord Garvon's plans for earth and tries to find him. Stan then runs into one of Lord Garvon's generals, a computer-themed cyborg named Viralhacker (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) who infects Stan's arm with a computer virus. After examining Stan's mechanical arm, Dr. Zeeltor come to the conclusion that the only way to destroy the computer virus in it is to destroy Viralhacker. Zeelor then constructs his own mechanical battlesuit to fight Lord Garvon's general. Dr. Zeeltor finally destroys Viralhacker along with the computer virus in Stan's arm, much to the anger of Lord Garvon who vows to destroy Stan and Zeeltor. He later appears again in Thugs 'R' Us Coming to the conclusion that it will aid him in his campaign against Dr. Zeeltor and Stan, Lord Garvon hires "Thugs 'R' Us", a company that supplies paying customers with monsters, robots, mutations, soldiers, and weapons. Garvon meets the "Thugs 'R' Us" saleman, a robot called Salestron 3.0 (Voiced by Billy West) who supplies Garvon with a large robotic monster that resembles a microwave. Stan must now defeat this new threat.

Supreme Master Artilicron[edit]Edit

[4]Supreme Master ArtilicronSupreme Master Artilicron (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) first appears in Season 3 being featured in 3 episodes The Tank has Landed pt 1The Tank has Landed pt 2 and The Tank has Landed pt 3. An insectoid alien from the planet Hunthra named Artilus begins his long planned invasion of earth. Soon, Artilus's tanks begin patroling the streets where Stan and Dr. Zeeltor live. Stan decides to put an end to artilus's plans once and for all. Stan finally finds Artilus and engages in battle with him. Stan throws Artilus into one of his tanks. Then out of nowhere, Lord Garvon's "Morph-O-Tron" weapon enters the area through a dimentional gate and combines Artilus with the tank he was thrown into. After his transformation into a insectoid/tank-like cyborg, Artilus dawns the name "Supreme Master Artilico" and gains the upper hand against Stan. Lord Garvon's weapon then disappears through another dimentional gate. Artilus, now Supreme Master Artilico, gains the upper hand in his battle against Stan. Dr. Zeeltor then arrives and gives Stan an upgrade for his battle suit. Stan is then able to seriously damage his foe. Supreme Master Artilico then temporarely calls off his attack. He then vows revenge against Stan, and disappears underground along with his men. Later appearing in General Widespread of Doom Back in his lair underneath the city, Supreme Master Artilico prepares to dispatch his 3 generals to 3 different cities in the US to begin his conquest. General Hacker (Voiced by Rob Paulson) is sent to Las Vegas Nevada, General Gyro-gear (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) is sent to New York City, and General Cyberclaw (Voiced by Billy West) is sent to Sacramento. Artilico then dispatches a small army of mechanical soldiers to take out Stan. Again in A Tale of Two Zardonians pt 1 and A Tale of Two Zardonians pt 2 Having his generals dispatched and a troop of his best mechanical soldiers defeated by Stan, Supreme Master Artilico decides to find another way to defeat Stan. So he sends a polygon-like creature called Morpho (Voiced by Jon Stewart) to destroy Stan by becoming his doppelgonger.


[5]Irken Criminal Mastermind Vaul and his SIR UnitVaul (Voiced by Eric Roberts) is a Dangerous Irken Criminal mastermind that was imprisoned on Planet Vorlon but was released by Dr. Zeeltor by accident While working his part-time job as a prison guard on the prison planet of Vorlon. Vaul becomes a Major Villian after that appearing in every Season after his first appearance in Season 3. Feeling responsible for accidentally allowing Vaul to escape, Dr. Zeeltor decides to persue the crimminal himself. So he equips himself with his custom battle suit and goes after Vaul. When Stan finds out what happened, Dr. Zeeltor is already long gone and Stan must find him. When Stan finds Dr. Zeeltor, he is locked in armed combat with Vaul. Stan then joins that battle against the irken crimminal. In the end however, Vaul escapes from Stan and Dr. Zeeltor when they try to recapture him and vows revenge. In Season 4 The Almighty Tallest Red and Purple are captured, taken out of power and exiled to earth by Vaul, the irken crimminal that Dr. Zeeltor had accidentally released before, now accompanied by another irken mercenary known as Commander Cen (Voiced by Robert Cait). Vaul then disguises himself as a "Tall" irken and proclaims himself the new Tallest. Back on earth, Dib and Stan find Dr. Zeeltor in Crazy Jeff's garage where Jeff is attempting to clone the doctor. Stan is able to rescue his companion after Dib talks Crazy Jeff into finding another paranormal-related hobby, such as ghost-hunting. Jeff takes Dib's advice and never bothers Dr. Zeeltor again.

Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple[edit]Edit

[6]The Tallest, Red and Purple, as they appeared in "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars".The Irken Empire has a hierarchal class structure, where shorter individuals are both figuratively and literally looked down upon. The tallest Irken alive takes command of the Empire as "the Tallest", but since Red and Purple, the two current Tallest, are the exact same height, they share equal (and nigh-supreme) power.

While the Tallest function mainly as figureheads, doing little to organize the society (preferring to lounge around and eat snacks), they do hold absolute power over the populace. They travel around to observe and supervise Operation Impending Doom II in the Massive, the largest and most powerful ship in the Irken Armada. They appear to mostly use their unlimited powers of state to amuse themselves- sending loyal Irken soldiers to painful deaths ("Battle of the Planets"), forcing others weaker than themselves to obey their random whims ("Hobo 13") and starving their own command crew ("Backseat Drivers"). Red is often considered to actually have a slight focus on ruling the Irken race, as is usually seen as being more intelligent than Purple. This is seen in the episode Backseat Drivers, where, while Purple floats around screaming and eating doughnuts, Red finds out that Zim is controlling the ship via the power core, and switches it with the Resisty's core, thus saving the Massive from hitting Earth. They love to cause other Irkens pain ("Walk for your Life") and, Purple especially, puppets (also "Walk for Your Life).

The voice of Almighty Tallest Purple was done by Kevin McDonald, best known for his participation in the Canadiansketch comedy group Kids in the Hall and as Pastor Dave in "That 70's show". Almighty Tallest Red was voiced byWally Wingert.

Boss Shadow[edit]Edit

[7]Boss ShadowBoss Shadow (Voiced by Jim Belushi) appears in Season 5 and is the final villain although he appears in all seasons before 5 under the alias of Mr. Thompson. In The Beinning of the End pt 1 it is revealed Stan's planet is in the middle of a civil war with an evil shadow-like creature who calls himself "The Shadow" and in The Beinning of the End pt 2 After nearly being defeated by Stan and his people, The Shadow and his followers flee to earth. Stan voluntiers to follow The Shadow to earth and capture him. It is then that Stan decides to take up residence on earth until "The Shadow" re-appears. In The 'ol Desk JobStan gets a desk job and meets his new boss Mr. Thompson who is actually Boss Shadow. In The Shadow Strikes Back pt 1 When the Resisty take Stan and Dr. Zeeltor back earth, everything seems to be getting back to normal. However, things begin to change when Stan goes back to work. It is there that Stan discovers his boss Mr. Thompson's true identity. In The Shadow Strikes Back pt 2 When Mr. Thompson finds that Stan had been spying on him, he captures and takes Stan to his lair where Stan is held prisoner. Meanwhile, Dr. Zeeltor calls for the aid of the Resisty to get Stan back. In The Sinister 6 To take out Stan and conquer the galaxy, The Shadow gathers an alliance of Stan greatest foes: Lord Garvon, Supreme Master Artilico, Zangas Valtron, Zayak Valtron, Tak, and Vaul, all of whome are revealed to have been allied with The Shadow since his near defeat and capture on Stan's homeworld. Meanwhile Stan must deal with the group's leader, Calamaris


[8]ZimZim is a short, green, almost stereotypical looking alien from the planet Irk. He is trying to conquer the Earth, and is generally unsuccessful. He uses ridiculously excessive and elaborate plans to conquer the planet when he obviously has the resources to do so much more efficiently. After the series's cancellation, Jhonen Vasquez did a four-page comic for the Nickolodeon Magazine. In it, Zim conquers the Earth in less than half a minute when Dib isn't looking. Dib and Zim then go to outerspace to ride space bunnies. This blunt and exaggerated plot may have been done out of spite for the cancellation. Zim isn't technically an Invader, and his superiors actively despise him. The episode The Frycook What Came From All That Space confirms that Zim was officially demoted from the rank of Invader to Food Services after his disastrous performance during Operation Impending Doom One. His current assignment to invade Earth is actually just the Tallest's latest and most desperate attempt to get Zim as far away from them as possible. Zim is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz. 


[9]GirGIR is a dysfunctional version of the Irken SIR (Standard Information Retrieval) units given to Irken invaders. In order to avoid wasting a functional SIR unit on Zim, GIR was constructed from junk parts found in a trash can. He is completely insane. Zim blames him for most of the problems on the mission, regardless of whether or not it is his fault. GIR takes a lackadaisical approach to life, mostly concerned with his squeaky toys, food, the Scary Monkey Show, pigs, and television. He doesn't know what the 'G' in 'GIR' stands for. GIR is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons. 


[10]SkoodgeInvader Skoodge was shown in the first episode as being the shortest, fattest, ugliest Invader (although it is shown a few episodes that Zim is even shorter). Since the Irken culture idolizes height, little Skoodge was at an instant disadvantage. In scorn of his stature, the Tallest sent him to invade Planet Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People, where he was expected to die horribly. However, Skoodge is a highly skilled Invader – the first Invader of Impending Doom Two to successfully subjugate his assigned planet. The Nickelodeon e-card for Skoodge says he survived on Blorch by eating really nasty things. On the arrival of the Irken Armada to Blorch to proclaim their first successful Invasion, The Tallest refused to make short Skoodge their poster-boy for galactic conquest. Instead, declaring a 'new tradition' on the spot, they instead fired him out of a cannon into space. A taller Irken civilian, randomly selected by Tallest Purple, was dubbed Invader Skoodge, and paraded in front of the cameras. Also when Zim was sent to a planet for military training, (or so he thought) Skoodge was there as well and used by Zim to get through the trials. Skoodge and Zim were smeeted (born) in the same generation of Irkens, (The Trial) and their first (and most subsequent) adventures together usually lead to Skoodge suffering horrible pain. Zim believes Skoodge to be very gullible. Skoodge was originally slated to have a larger role in season two: he was to be hiding from The Tallest in Zim's basement and was later to be in many future episodes such as "Day of da Spookies." For some odd reason, he can live without a PAK to support his life and seems to be able to think without a brain. Invader Skoodge was voiced by Ted Raimi.

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