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 Edit  Talk1  Below is a list of episodes from the fictional animated series, Grizdar. Although the creator purports that Grizdar, or "that retarded thing that really fat guy is always trying to pass off as the new ZIM" as it is known on DeviantArt, is the work of Invader ZIM creator Jhonen Vasquez, it is in fact a sad fanfic of which Vasquez is totally unaware.

This list of "episodes" is not to be taken as any indication of a real show being produced, nor of the writer having any original ideas or creative ability whatsoever. new wrighter this character was supose to be in a real zim episode called prisner his real name is veil and he hates zim for inprisoning him for one of zims crimes and now seeks rvenge i only know tis because i made the show


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Series 1[edit]Edit

Season 1 (The Bad Vortian Syndrome)[edit]Edit

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
1 The Beinning of the End pt 1 Stan's planet is in the middle of a civil war with an evil shadow-like creature who calls himself "The Shadow" (Voiced by a wheezing fifteen-year-old with a Logitech USB mic). [1]
2 The Beinning of the End pt 2 After nearly being defeated by Stan and his people, The Shadow and his followers flee to earth. Stan voluntiers to follow The Shadow to earth and capture him. It is then that Stan decides to take up residence on earth until "The Shadow" re-appears. [2]The Shadow
3 Room with a Doctor Stan meets Dr. Zan'Dozz Zeeltor (Voiced by Steve Kehela), his new roommate who has decided to move in with him. Meanwhile a gang of robot pirates and their captain, Long John Silver-arm (Voiced by Johnny Depp) begin terorising and looting the city. It is up to Stan and his new companion to stop this nautical threat. [3]
4 The First of Many Evils pt 1 An evil Vortian scientist known as Dr. Zalvoor (Voiced by Christopher Lloyd) takes up residence on earth, somewhere under ground, with plans to conquer the planet. He attempts this by sending one of his Generals, General Zogar (Voiced by Dan Castellaneta), along with several hundred foot soldiers to capture and force the mayor to hand the city over to him. [4]
5 The First of Many Evils pt 2 Stan uses his battle suit for the first time to destroy General Zogar and his men once and for all. An angry Dr. Zalvoor vows that he will not rest until he has conquered the galaxy- and destroyed Stan. [5]
6 Ancient Grudges An old enemy of Dr. Zeeltor, Zangas Valtron (Voiced by Brad Garrett), whome Zeeltor thought had died in an explosion has traced the Doctor to earth, in hopes of destroying him. With the help of Stan, Valtron is apprehended by the galactic authorities. [6]
7 Attack of the Micro Droids An asteroid that crash-landed on earth releases a swarm of nanobots that begin infecting everone in the city with chckenpox-like symptoms. The source of the nanobots, which is still incased within the asteroid, is revealed to be a large robotic golem with enough firepower to anihilate a star cruiser, It is up to Stan, with the help of Dr. Zeeltor and his expertese on nano-technology to stop this menace. [7]
8 The 'ol Desk Job Stan gets a desk job and meets his new boss Mr. Thompson (Voiced by Jim Belushi). Meanwhile, Dr. Zeeltor is captured by a crazed alien hunter known as Crazy Jeff (Voiced by Adam West). [8]
9 Citizen Zalvoor Dr. Zalvoor's scientists accidentally create a mutant shark monster (Voiced by Wally Wingert) while experimenting on shark DNA. Dr. Zalvoor however, is pleased with the monster, which he calls "Jawzoid" and uses the monster for his plan. Dr. Zalvoor then sends Jawzoid to kidnap the candidates for the city's upcoming mayoral elections. Dr. Zalvoor then disguises himself as the more popular candidate (via hologram) so he can become mayor. [9]
10 Lizard Men Due to nuclear contamination, a species of mutant lizard humanoids and their leader Lord Dragone (Voiced by Kelsey Grammer) have decided to take revenge by terrorizing the city. It is up to Stan and Dr. Zeeltor to revert the monsters back to their former selves or re-locate them before disaster strikes. [10]
11 The Shadow Strikes pt 1 While at work, Stan is mysteriously teleported on to a strange ship orbiting earth. There he finds Dr. Zeeltor who was also teleported onto the ship, as well as the ship's captain, a vortian named Lard Nar who introduces himself as the leader of a group known as the Resisty. Lard Nar tells Stan and Zeeltor that the Resisty is in the midst of a battle with an entity of great evil and need the aid of Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. Stan then confirms that evil to be the same evil that he was sent to defeat- The Shadow. Their conversation is cut short however when they are attacked by otherworldly creatures sent by The Shadow begin to attack Lard Nar's ship. [11]
12 The Shadow Strikes pt 2 After Lard Nar destroys the monsters that were attacking the ship, The Shadow himself comes on board and trys to capture the crew. It is up to Stan to save his new friends and find out what the Shadow's intentions really are. The only thing standing in his path is The Shadow's second in command, a large squid-like warrior called Calamaris (Voiced by Frank Welker). [12]
13 Warrior Without a Face When a Samurai robot known as Invisuke (Voiced by Hank Azaria) sent by Dr. Zalvoor, begins terrorizing random neighborhoods, Stan investigates the attacks, only to find that Invisuke can apparently become invisible. [13]
14 The Wrath of Dr. Zalvoor Tired of the failure of his minions, Dr. Zalvoor attempts to destroy Stan himself with his giant battle mech. It is up to Stan to defeat Dr. Zalvoor and his newest weapon or be crushed trying. [14]
15 Tak Invader Zim's old foe Tak returns to earth in hopes of capturing Dr. Zalvoor and presenting him to the Tallests in hopes of becoming an Invader. When she meets Stan, she discovers that they are battling the same foe, and they both agree to team up. However, things go awry when, after being captured by Dr. Zalvoor's soldiers, Tak double crosses Stan by accepting a bribe in a large sum of monies from Dr. Zalvoor to stay out of his business. [15]
16 The House Always Wins Dr. Zalvoor attempts to cheat the city's resident gamblers out of their money by rigging one of the slot machines at a local casino to transfer players' money to him. When Stan goes to investigate the slot machine for himself, it transforms into robot called Scamslot (Voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait). [16]
17 Behind the Scenes In this episode, it is revealed that Dr. Zalvoor takes orders from The Shadow, who instructs Dr. Zalvoor to conquer earth by any means necessary "or else". Dr. Zalvoor then sends a circus-themed robot named clowntron (Voiced by Mark Hamill) to destroy Stan. [17]
18 Crossed Wires In a misguided attempt to defeat Stan, Dr. Zalvoor sends a monster made of wires and plugs called Socket (Voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) to kidnap his roommate Dr. Zeeltor. [18]
19 Trekkie Madness On a trip to a sci-fi convention, Dr. Zeeltor is once again captured by alien hunter Crazy Jeff who is out for revenge and won't stop until he (and his band of Trekkies) capture Stan. [19]
20 Electro-Arm Dr. Zalvoor, who finds a way to use Stan's mechanical arm against him, sends an electricity-based robot named Voltrox (Voiced by Horatio Sanz) to infect the circutry in Stan's arm. It is now up to Dr. Zeeltor to save Stan- From Himself? [20]
21 The Slobfather Stan and Dr. Zeeltor are sent to the planet Zylo by the Galactic President (Voiced by David Letterman) to break up an organized crime ring and capture it's leader, a slug-like alien called Boss Slorr (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche). [21]
22 Weeds of Doom Dr. Zalvoor sends a mutant plant called Plagnite (Voiced by Frank Welker) to take out Stan. Dr. Zalvoor's plan backfires however when Plagnite plants his roots and grows to a monsterous size. it is up to Stan to keep the city from becoming a large leveled jungle. [22]
23 A Very Vortian Christmas Detrmined to conquer earth while it's guard is down, Dr. Zalvoor sends an ice-based robot named Icicron (Voiced by David Carradine) to kidnap Santa Claus (Voiced by John Goodman) at the North Pole. Dr. Zalvoor then instructs Icicron to convert Santa's workshop into a weapons factory. It is up to Stan, along with Dr. Zeeltor to save Santa from Dr. Zalvoor's evil clutches. [23]
24 Scamslot 2.0 In an effort to defeat Stan, Dr. Zalvoor reconstructs Scamslot, one of his more powerful robots destroyed by Stan. He then dubs his reconstructed robot "Scamslot 2.0" and sends it after Stan. Could this more powerful foe be to powerful for Stan to defeat? [24]
25 The Fluid Vampire In an attempt to defeat Stan, Dr. Zalvoor sends a 4 armed mutant called Lunghead (Voiced by Ted Lewis) with the ability to suck bodily fluids from other life forms to attack Stan. Things soon get out of hand however, when Dr. Zeeltor is sucked dry by Dr. Zalvoor's minion. [25]
26 Dr. Zalvoor's Revelations pt 1 Dr. Zalvoor begins carrying out his master plan for conquering earth by first sending his last and most powerful minion, a one-eyed golden robot called Cycloptoid (Voiced by Eric Roberts) to take out Stan once and for all while Dr. Zalvoor and his men capture the president of the US. [26]
27 Dr. Zalvoor's Revelations pt 2 When all hope looks lost for Stan who is overwhelmed by Cycloptoid, Dr. Zeeltor calls some old friends to help Stan. Dr. Zeeltor's friends turn out to be the Resisty, a group of aliens led by vortian scientist Lard Nar whose primary purpose is to take out the Irken Empire. In the end, the Resisty are able to help Stan take out Cycloptoid and then agree to help Stan and Dr. Zeeltor take out Dr. Zalvoor. [27]
28 Dr. Zalvoor's Revelations pt 3 Stan, Dr. Zeeltor and the Resisty arrive in Washington in Lard Nar's new spaeship where Dr. Zalvoor is preparing to address the people of the world. While Stan, Dr. Zeeltor and the other Resisty members take out Dr. Zalvoor's men, Lard Nar captures Dr. Zalvoor, who is revealed to be Lard Nar's uncle, and convinces the doctor to abandon his attempted conquest of earth, to which Dr. Zalvoor finally agrees. In the end, Dr. Zalvoor apologizes for the trouble he's caused and leaves earth with the Resisty. [28]

Season 2 (The Garvon Saga)[edit]Edit

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
1 The Arrival pt 1 A wanted reptilian mercinary known as Lord Garvon (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) and his men land on earth, hoping to conquer and convert it into a large planet-sized base for his planet. [29]
2 The Arrival pt 2 When Stan discovers Lord Garvon's plans for earth and tries to find him. Stan then runs into one of Lord Garvon's generals, a computer-themed cyborg named Viralhacker (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) who infects Stan's arm with a computer virus. [30]
3 The Arrival pt 3 After examining Stan's mechanical arm, Dr. Zeeltor come to the conclusion that the only way to destroy the computer virus in it is to destroy Viralhacker. Zeelor then constructs his own mechanical battlesuit to fight Lord Garvon's general. Dr. Zeeltor finally destroys Viralhacker along with the computer virus in Stan's arm, much to the anger of Lord Garvon who vows to destroy Stan and Zeeltor. [31]
4 Thugs 'R' Us Coming to the conclusion that it will aid him in his campaign against Dr. Zeeltor and Stan, Lord Garvon hires "Thugs 'R' Us", a company that supplies paying customers with monsters, robots, mutations, soldiers, and weapons. Garvon meets the "Thugs 'R' Us" saleman, a robot called Salestron 3.0 (Voiced by Billy West) who supplies Garvon with a large robotic monster that resembles a microwave. Stan must now defeat this new threat. [32]
5 The Return of Zangas Valtron Dr. Zeeltor's old foe Zangas Valtron breaks out of prison and returns to earth to exact his revenge on the doctor. He does this by kidnapping Stan and then threatening to destroy him if Dr. Zeeltor doesn't surrender himself. [33]
6 Do You Want Lies With That? In an attempt to conquer earth, Lord Garvon purchases a burger themed monster called Beefking (Voiced by Wally Wingert) from "Thugs 'R' Us" who infiltrates the local fast-food eatery McMeaties disgiused as the manager and begins putting a strange substance in all the burgers that transform the people who eat them into mindless zombies that do Beefking's wishes. Unfortunatly, Stan becomes a victim of Lord Garvon's plot. [34]
7 Lights, Camera, DOOM! Stan's old school friend Zurk Vuldstein (Voiced by Jerry Stiller) who is now a famous film director invites Stan and Dr. Zeeltor to a film convention on the planet Conventia that he is hosting. When Stan and Dr. Zeeltor arrive on Conventia, they find out that Zurk has been kidnapped by Lord Garvon's soldiers and a robotic monster called "The Director" (Voiced by Ben Stein). It is up to Stan to save his friend from Lord Garvon's cluches. [35]
8 Fear of Clowns Dr. Zeeltor must confront his fear of clowns when a circus obsessed alien known as Big Top King (Voiced by Mark Hamill) Captures him and uses his DNA for inhumane purposes. [36]
9 The Doctor of Demise A mutated humanoid scientist with supernatural powers known as Dr. Necromancer (Voiced by Seth Green) begins stealing peoples' souls to power his machine that could destroy the earth's ozone layer. It is up to Stan to stop the fiend and save the captured human souls before its to late. [37]
10 Night of Doom Lord Garvon's latest minion, a vampiric shadow creature called Night Slasher (Voiced by Frank Welker) attacks an unsuspecting Stan by "slashing" his arm. The wound causes Stan to be hurt by sunlight and only be able to come out at night. The only way for Stan to fix this new problem is to take out Lord Garvon's minion. [38]
11 Ice Cold Chilly Steppers Lord Garvon buys the service of a creature made of ice known as Freezerburn (Voiced by Jim Ward) from "Thugs 'R' Us" to send earth into a new Ice Age. [39]
12 Reflected Lord Garvon purchases a robot made of solar panels and various other components named Reflecticon (Voiced by Jon Stewart) from "Thugs 'R' Us" in an attempt to melt earth's polar ice cap. It is up to Stan to save earth from massive flooding. [40]
13 The Slobfather Part II Boss Slorr escapes from prison and moves his crimminal empire to the icy wastland planet of Frostilus. The galactic President once agains asks Stan and Dr. Zeeltor to capture the crime boss. [41]
14 Revenge of the Lizard Men Though soundly defeated, Lord Garvon revives Stan's old foe Lord Dragone, the mutant reptilian monster that Stan had defeated before. Lord Garvon also revives Lord Dragone's soldiers, The Lizard Men. [42]
15 Meet the Zeeltors Dr. Zeeltor's wife, Zanna (Voiced by Alex Bornstein) and 2 teenage sons Zak (Voiced by Billy West) and Craig (Voiced by Matt Stone) arrive on earth to spend Thanksgiving with Dr. Zeeltor and Stan. Their festivities are almost cut short however when a cyborg turkey monster named Gobbletron (Voiced by Rob Paulson) sent by Lord Garvon captures Stan, Dr. Zeeltor, and Zanna Zeeltor. It is up to the doctor's 2 sons Zak and Craig, to save Thanksgiving. [43]
16 Xenu's Invasion pt 1 With phase 1 of his plan, consisting of turning people into mindless zombies with a phony religion called scientology complete, the dark lord Xenu (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) begins his invasion of earth with the help of his general, Tom Cruise (Voiced by Dan Castellaneta) who was already stationed on earth. The only thing standing in Xenu's way is Stan. [44]
17 Xenu's Invasion pt 2 Knowing he must save earth from Lord Xenu, Stan starts his task by unmasking Tom Cruise to the scientologists as Xenu's alien general, thus breaking them from the spell that is Scientology. Stan then faces off against Xenu himself in a battle for the minds of the human race. [45]
18 Dr. Zeeltor's Twisted Tale Alien hunter Crazy Jeff kidnaps Dr. Zeeltor yet again, this time to test his cyborg implants on the doctor. Stan must now once again help his companion. [46]
19 The Hypnotist An evil robotic hypnotist named Hypnoticon (Voiced by Tim Curry) begins influencing peoples' deams and turning them into his zombified slaves. It is up to Stan to stop him- if he can keep his eyes open. [47]
20 Superfiends Angry about having his army of robot pirates being destroyed, mechanical pirate captain Long John Silver-arm decides to recruit a crew of Stan's enemies including Dr. Necromancer, Crab King, Hypnoticon, Big Top King, Lord Dragone, Crazy Jeff, and Zangas Valtron to take Stan out [48]
21 Time Frozen Lord Garvon buys the services of a creature made of old clocks called Clock King (Voiced by Frank Welker) from "Thugs 'R' Us". Clock King uses his ability to freeze time so Stan cannot stop Lord Garvon. [49]
22 A Shadow in the Corperation Fed up with poor service in the past, Lord Garvon purchases a handsized blaster-like device called "The Morph-O-Tron" from "Thugs 'R' Us" that can transform anything or anyone into a robotic monster. Lord Garvon's purchase angers the CEO of "Thugs 'R' Us" who turns out to be Stan's arch-enemy The Shadow. This however is unknown to Lord Garvon who uses his new weapon to transform an irken weapon into a monster. [50]
23 Ho Ho Horrible Christmas Lord Garvon captures Santa Claus on Christmas eve while he was making his rounds an uses his new "Morph-O-Tron" weapon obtained from "Thugs 'R' Us" to Santa Claus into a monster. It is now up to Stan to save Santa from Lord Garvon's spell and save Christmas. [51]
24 Mecha-Zeeltor Lord Garvon personaly kidnaps Dr. Zeeltor and uses his "Morph-O-Tron" wepon to combine the doctor with a robotic exo-skeleton, turning him into a monster. The only way for Stan to save his friend is to steal the "Morph-O-Tron" from Lord Garvon. [52]
25 Nearly Lost in Space After contacting his men to begin his invasion of earth, Lord Garvon decides to out Stan once and for all by relocating him to another part of the galaxy. SO Lord Garvon uses his "Morph-O-Tron" to turn his dimensional transportation device into a monster with the power of dimentional transportation known as Dimentionator (Voiced by Billy West). Unfortunatly, in the process of creating Dimentionator, Lord Garvon's "Morph O-Tron" is transported to another part of the galaxy. [53]
26 Lord Garvon Falls pt 1 Right before Stan strikes the final blow on him, Dimentionator opens his dimensional gate and transports himself, Stan, and Dr. Zeeltor to the "Thugs 'R' Us" HQ where Stan meets his foe The Shadow for the first time. The Shadow flees, leaving Dimentionator and Salestron 3.0 the sales robot to "take care of" Stan and his companion. Stan quickly destroys the duo and he and Dr. Zeeltor are transported back to earth right before the "Thugs 'R' Us" HQ explodes. [54]
27 Lord Garvon Falls pt 2 Stan and Dr. Zeeltor return to just in time to see the invasion of earth by Lord garvon's men beginning. The 2 are then captured and locked in a prison cell in Lord Garvon's command ship. [55]
28 Lord Garvon Falls pt 3 After breaking out of their prison cell, Stan and Dr. Zeeltor discover that all of Lord Garvon's men are robots controlled by a computer on his command ship. The duo soon find and destroy the computer, thus deactivating Lord Garvon's robot army. Dr. Zeeltor and Stan then escape fro the villain's ship. Lord Garvon then takes off in his command ship, vowing revenge. [56]

Season 3 (Masters of War)[edit]Edit

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
1 The Tank has Landed pt 1 An insectoid alien from the planet Hunthra named Artilus (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) begins his long planned invasion of earth. Soon, Artilus's tanks begin patroling the streets where Stan and Dr. Zeeltor live. Stan decides to put an end to artilus's plans once and for all. [57]
2 The Tank has Landed pt 2 Stan finally finds Artilus and engages in battle with him. Stan throws Artilus into one of his tanks. Then out of nowhere, Lord Garvon's "Morph-O-Tron" weapon enters the area through a dimentional gate and combines Artilus with the tank he was thrown into. After his transformation into a insectoid/tank-like cyborg, Artilus dawns the name "Supreme Master Artilico" and gains the upper hand against Stan. Lord Garvon's weapon then disappears through another dimentional gate. [58]
3 The Tank has Landed pt 3 Artilus, now Supreme Master Artilico, gains the upper hand in his battle against Stan. Dr. Zeeltor then arrives and gives Stan an upgrade for his battle suit. Stan is then able to seriously damage his foe. Supreme Master Artilico then temporarely calls off his attack. He then vows revenge against Stan, and disappears underground along with his men. [59]
4 General Widespread of Doom Back in his lair underneath the city, Supreme Master Artilico prepares to dispatch his 3 generals to 3 different cities in the US to begin his conquest. General Hacker (Voiced by Rob Paulson) is sent to Las Vegas Nevada, General Gyro-gear (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) is sent to New York City, and General Cyberclaw (Voiced by Billy West) is sent to Sacramento. Artilico then dispatches a small army of mechanical soldiers to take out Stan. [60]
5 A Tale of Two Zardonians pt 1 Having his generals dispatched and a troop of his best mechanical soldiers defeated by Stan, Supreme Master Artilico decides to find another way to defeat Stan. So he sends a polygon-like creature called Morpho (Voiced by Jon Stewart) to destroy Stan by becoming his doppelgonger. [61]
6 A Tale of Two Zardonians pt 2 Dr. Zeeltor helps Stan figure out that Morpho's one weakness is looking at modern art, so Dr. Zeeltor distracts Morpho with a modern art piece long enough for Stan defeat his foe once and for all. [62]
7 Dead-Eye Drone Fed up with failed attempts to kidnap Dr. Zeeltor, Crazy Jeff builds a seeker robot called Dead-Eye Drone (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) and sends it to fetch the doctor for him. [63]
8 Hacker and Scamslot pt 1 Stan and Dr. Zeeltor are summoned by the galactic president to deal with Supreme Master Artilico's general who is residing in Las Vegas, General Hacker, a caped robot made up of old computers. When they arrive in Las Vegas, Stan and Dr. Zeeltor must contend with Scamslot, the robot that Stan had defeated before, as well as an army of robots that also resemble slot machines. [64]
9 Hacker and Scamslot pt. 2 After being captured by Scamslot and his men and taken to General Hacker's base of operations in a hotel/casino called "The Cyber Disco", Stan and Dr. Zeeltor meet General Hacker and learn that Scamslot is his second in command. Stan and Dr. Zeeltor are able to escape, but they are soon tailed by a robot resembling a roulette wheel called Roulette King (Voiced by Darrell Hammond). Stan however, is able to quickly defeat Roulette King. [65]
10 Attack of the Seafood To take Stan out General Hacker sends a creature resembling a squid with cybernetic inhancements called Killermari (Voiced by Jack Black) to anihilate Stan so he can't interfere with General Hacker's plans. Meanwhile, Dr. Zeeltor is kidnapped by Scamslot and forced to tell all of Stan's weaknesses, if any. [66]
11 A Tale of Two Zardonians 2: The Evil Twin During a bout with Scamslot and his men, Stan is temporarely knocked out and Scamslot uses that time to steal some of Stan's DNA. Scamslot then takes the DNA sample to General Hacker who uses it to create a clone of Stan who is pure evil named Negan-Stan (Voiced by Eric Roberts). [67]
12 General Hacked! Stan is contacted by the Galactic President and told that if he is to stop General Hacker, he must act as soon as possible. So Stan and Dr. Zeeltor arrive at General Hacker's layer and are immediatly captured by Scamslot and taken to General Hacker. Stan and Dr. Zeeltor must then work as a team to take General Hacker and Scamslot out once and for all. [68]
13 There's Something About Zeeltor Zangas Valtron kidnaps and then poses as Dr. Zeeltor to get close enough to Stan to destroy him. It is up to Dr. Zeeltor to find Stan and warn him of this deadly doppelgonger before it is to late. [69]
14 Irken Crimminal Mastermind pt 1 While working his part-time job as a prison guard on the prison planet of Vorlon, Dr. Zeeltor accidentally frees a dangerous Irken crimminal named Vaul (Voiced by Eric Roberts). [70]
15 Irken Crimminal Mastermind pt 2 Feeling responsible for accidentally allowing Vaul to escape, Dr. Zeeltor decides to persue the crimminal himself. So he equips himself with his custom battle suit and goes after Vaul. When Stan finds out what happened, Dr. Zeeltor is already long gone and Stan must find him. [71]
16 Irken Crimminal Mastermind pt 3 When Stan find Dr. Zeeltor, he is locked in armed combat with Vaul. Stan then joins that battle against the irken crimminal. In the end however, Vaul escapes from Stan and Dr. Zeeltor when they try to recapture him and vows revenge. [72]
17 Gear-Locked! Stan and Dr. Zeeltor are sent to New York city by the galactic president to deal with General Gyro-gear, a robot made up of gears, hydrolics, and other strange components who has taken over the city. When they arrive, General Gyro-gear is alerted to their presence from his underground lair and sends a reptilian cyborg named Dracoborg (Voiced by Kevin McDonald) to take Stan and Dr. Zeeltor out. [73]
18 Escape and Confusion Zangas Valtron breaks out of prison with the help of a shapeshifting blob-like monster named Zurt (Voiced by Mark Hamill) who was sent by General Gyro-gear. Upon his escape, Zangas Valtron agrees to help General Gyro-gear destroy Stan, as long as he is givin the opportunity to personaly destroy Dr. Zeeltor. [74]
19 The Most Horrible Holiday Ever General Gyro-gear decides to use the Christmas season to his advantage, so he goes to the North Pole and brainwashes Santa into obeying his every command with the help of his minion, a robot with brainwashing powers named Mind Scrambler (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson). Gyro-gear then makes Santa deliver special dolls resembling small robots, with the power to brainwash several people at once to every house so the people brainwashed by the toy would follow General Gyro-gear. It is up to Stan to save Christmas and stop the general's evil plan. [75]
20 Geared for Destruction Fed up with the failure of his minions, General Gyro-gear decides to eliminate Stan himself. The General then uploads his brain into a giant mech-like body and goes on a rampage throughout the city. It is up to Stan to save the city and destroy General Gyro-gear once and for all. [76]
21 Zekklomium Dr. Zeeltor inherits a mine full of a rare alien metal called Zekklomium on his home planet of Zekklom 7 from his recently deceased uncle. So he and Stan go to Zekklom 7 to check up on the doctor's newfound wealth. Unfortunatly, Zangas Valtron finds out about Dr. Zeeltor's wealth and follows him and Stan to Zekklom 7 to steal the Doctor's Zekklomium. [77]
22 Claws and Effect Stan and Dr. Zeeltor are sent to Sacramento by the Galactic President to take out General Cyberclaw, Supreme Master Artilico's last and most powerful General. When the duo arrives in Sacramento, they are attacked by a group of General Cyberclaw's robotic soldiers, as well the General's second-in-command Mr. Layzor (Voiced by Ben Stein), a caped robot with several laser-like weapons on his body. [78]
23 Old Foe, New Position After the destruction of Mr. Layzor, General Cyberclaw begins searching for a new second in command- one who is also interested in outing Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. The General's search leads him to the prison planet of Vorlon where he finds Zangas Valtron, who is also interested in outing the duo. So the General breaks Zangas Valtron out of prison and makes the fugitive his new second-in-command. General Cyberclaw then send Zangas Valtron, as well as a troup of robotic soldiers to take out Stan. [79]
24 The Upgrade To aid Zangas Valtron in destroying Stan and Dr. Zeeltor, General Cyberclaw upgrades his mechanical body with more powerful armor and weapons. When Stan faces Zangas Valtron, he is overwhelmed by the cyborg's powers. Stan then combines the power of both his and Dr. Zeeltor's battle suits and is able to defeat Zangas Valtron who is arrested by the galactic police a short time later. [80]
25 Cyberclaw's Wrath General Cyberclaw launches an all-out assult against Stan and Dr. Zeeltor by sending his mechanical soldiers to capture the duo. The two are then taken to the General's lair, but escape captivity. Stan then faces General Cyberclaw in battle. The General however, has other plans, and right before Stan could strike the final blow, General Cyberclaw teleports all three of them to the lair of his boss, Supreme Master Artilico. [81]
26 Artilico's Demise pt 1 General Cyberclaw presents his 2 "prisoners" to Supreme Master Artilico, thinking this presentation will please him. Artilico however, is not pleased and becomes angry with General Cyberclaw for not killing Dr. Zeeltor and Stan when he had the chance. Their squabble gives Stan and Dr. Zeeltor enough time to find an escape from Artilico's lair. However, they are confronted by a robot that resembles a tiki statue named Tikiface (Voiced by Seth Green). [82]
27 Artilico's Demise pt 2 Supreme Master Artilico and General Cyberclaw discover that their prisoners have escaped. Artilico then sends his robotic soldiers after escapies Stan and Dr. Zeeltor who are soon captured and brought to Supreme Master Artilico who locks them in a small holding cell on board his personal cruiser. Artilico is then contacted by The Shadow who tells Artilico to finish off Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. Will Supreme Master Artilico succeed? [83]
28 Artilico's Demise pt 3 Right before Supreme Master Artilico can make his move and finish off Stan and Dr. Zeeltor, General Cyberclaw interferes and insists that he be given the privilage of finishing the duo off. Artilico denies General Cyberclaw his request and destroys him. Stan uses this time to free both himself and Dr. Zeeltor from Artilico's ship before it takes off. Artilico then takes off in his cruiser, just as Stan and Dr. Zeeltor escape from it and vows revenge. [84]

Season 4 (Irk Strikes Back)[edit]Edit

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
1 The Irken Empire pt 1 Tallest Red and Tallest Purple finally give in to Zim and decide to inspect his doings on earth. Not knowing that they are heading toward a trap. Meanwhile, Crazy Jeff captures Dr. Zeeltor with a custom-made contanment device and Stan must figure out a way to save his friend. [85]
2 The Irken Empire pt 2 The Irken fleet finally nears earth and Zim tells his superiors to bring troops to begin the invasion. Meanwhile, Stan meets Zim's enemy Dib for the first time while looking for Crazy Jeff. Stan explains his situation to Dib, who agrees to help Stan save Dr. Zeeltor from Crazy Jeff. [86]
3 The Irken Empire pt 3 The Almighty Tallest Red and Purple are captured, taken out of power and exiled to earth by Vaul, the irken crimminal that Dr. Zeeltor had accidentally released before, now accompanied by another irken mercenary known as Commander Cen (Voiced by Robert Cait). Vaul then disguises himself as a "Tall" irken and proclaims himself the new Tallest. Back on earth, Dib and Stan find Dr. Zeeltor in Crazy Jeff's garage where Jeff is attempting to clone the doctor. Stan is able to rescue his companion after Dib talks Crazy Jeff into finding another paranormal-related hobby, such as ghost-hunting. Jeff takes Dib's advice and never bothers Dr. Zeeltor again. [87]
4 The Slobfather Part III Having fully repaired Tak's spaceship, Dib accompanies Stan and Dr. Zeeltor on their mission assigned to them by the Galactic President to take out Boss Slorr and his crimminal empire once and for all. [88]
5 Skoodged After escaping from Hobo 13, Zim's old accomplice Invader Skoodge finds his way to earth where he discovers that Zim is living on the planet. When Zim sees Skoodge at his front door, he reluctantly lets Skoodge stay with him. Meanwhile, Stan, Dr. Zeeltor, and Dib discover that the irken leaders Tallest Red and Tallest Purple are also on earth when they find the duo being attacked by a robotic assassin named Shadow Striker (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) who was sent by Vaul to kill the Tallests. It is up to Stan and his friends to save the Tallests from their seemingly grim fate. [89]
6 Brothers in Crime Upon escaping from prison, Zangas Valtron enlists the help of his brother Zayak (Voiced by Ray Romano), a former assassin for mobster Boss Slorr to aid him in taking out Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. Their plans change however when they are recruited by Vaul to lead his forces as generals. [90]
7 Departure Dr. Zeeltor calls for the Resisty to send him a command ship to use, to which the Resisty does. Stan, Dr. Zeeltor, Tallests Red & Purple, Dib, Gaz, Zim, Gir, and Invader Skoodge then board Dr. Zeeltor's new command ship and head for the galactic capital city planet of Metropilosis. Along the way, they are ambushed by a group of Vaul's elite pilots led by Zangas Valtron and his brother Zayak. [91]
8 The Assassin pt 1 The gang finally arrives at the capital city planet of Metros 5 where they are greeted by the Galactic President and informed on Vaul's plans. Soon after, the Galactic President is nearly assassinated by a robot assassin sent by Vaul named Zeekros (Voiced by Rob Paulson). It is up to Stan and his companions to track down this mysterious assassin while having to deal with several suspicious characters around the city, as well as attacks from Commander Cen and his forces. [92]
9 The Assassin pt 2 After evading attacks by Zeekros and Commander Cen, the group arrives at the living quarters given to them by the Galactic President. After everyone settles in, Stan, Zim, and Minimoose go off to stop Commander Cen's rampage and take out Zeekros. [93]
10 Crisis on Meekrob pt 1 Invader Tenn joins forces with the Resisty on the planet Meekrob after being contacted by the Tallests and given instructions to do so in order to take out Vaul's forces on the planet whome soon surround and capture Tenn and Resisty leader Lard Nar. It is up to the rest of the Resisty, led by Lard Nar's second in command Shloonktapooxis and uncle, Dr. Zalvoor to save Tenn and Lard Nar from Vaul's military forces, led by Zangas Valtron and his brother. [94]
11 Crisis on Meekrob pt 2 Shloonktapooxis, Dr. Zalvoor, and the rest of the Resisty finally find Lard Nar and Invader Tenn in captivity in Zangas Valtron's cruiser and free the duo. Angered by this, Zangas Valtron and his brother chase the Resisty into space only to be outrun. Disgusted, the brothers return to Vaul's base. [95]
12 The Defectives While exploring the underlevels of Metropilosis, Zim, Dib, Gir and Dr. Zeeltor get lost and stumble upon The Defectives- a group of rogue irkens whome had been used by Vaul as test subjects for various weapons, chemicals, etc. The Defectives ask Dr. Zeeltor, whome they identify with as the most intelligent of the group, to help them escape from Vaul to which Dr. Zeeltor agrees, not knowing that the Defectives are being persued by Commander Cen and Zim's former boss Sizz-Lorr who are both trying to recapture the defectives and return them to Vaul. [96]
13 Return of the Morph-O-Tron After a failed attempt to take out Stan, Commander Cen comes accross Lord Garvon's old "Morph-O-Tron" weapon which he presents to Vaul. Pleased with Cen's find, Vaul uses the Morph-O-Tron to combine one of his test subjects/prisoners with pure electricity to make a being of pure electricity called Thundrax (Voiced by Frank Welker) that he sends to take out Stan. [97]
14 4 Gems of Doom Vaul sends Zangas Valtron and Zayak to collect 4 gems known as the "Wishing Stones", which grant their holder 4 wishes (1 per stone). When Stan is alerted to this, he ventures to the baron planet Zarzak where the gems are hidden to stop Zangas Valtron and Zayak from getting them. [98]
15 Revenge of the Frycook What Came from All That Space Irken Frylord Sizz-Lorr decides to take revenge on Zim for trapping him on Foodcourtia during the "Fooodening", despite being sent by Vaul to eliminate Stan. It is now up to Stan to save the small, tyranical irken. [99]
16 Say Cheese Wizard! After Dr. Zeeltor loses his lucky cheese wheel, Commander Cen discovers it and takes it back to Vaul's command ship with him. Displeased with Commander Cen's find, Vaul decides to put the cheese wheel to good use, and does so by using the Morph-O-Tron to combine the cheese wheel with an old spell book, which results in a monster called Cheese Wizard (Voiced by Richard Casino) who has the ability to turn anyting into cheese. [100]
17 Fight for Freedom While at a stop on Foodcourtia, The Resisty comes across the Defectives, who are still on the run from Vaul. The Defectives ask a reluctant Lard Nar if they can join the Resisty to which the vortian captian agrees. Meanwhile, Zangas Valtron and his brother Zayak (who are also on Foodcourtia) spot the Defectives with Lard Nar and enlist the aid of irken frylord Sizz-Lorr to capture the Defectives and present them to Vaul. [101]
18 Brainwashing Broadcasts of Doom Vaul uses the Morph-O-Tron to fuse his old electronics and broadcasting equipment with one of his test subjects and creates a sattelite/cable/video player monster called Fraudcaster (Voiced by Richard Steve Horvitz). Vaul uses the sound waves emitted by Fraudcaster to put every robot and electronic device on the planet Metropilosis operating on the same frequency under his control. Unfortunatly, this also includes Stan's mechanical arm. [102]
19 Cen's Final Blow Not wanting to face Vaul with failure, Commander Cen makes one last ditch effort to take out Stan and the Resisty once and for all. [103]
20 Vaul's New Commander Desperate for a new commander after Cen's destruction, Vaul unwillingly recruits Zim, who willingly agrees to form an alliance. [104]
21 The Return of Tak Tak tracks Zim to Vaul's ship in hopes of destroying him. She soon changes her mind however when she finds out that Zim is working for Vaul. Tak then agrees to help Vaul take out the Resisty with the aid of Zangas Valtron and Zayak. [105]
22 Gir Goes Crazy Again After numerous attempts to eliminate Stan are messed up by Gir, Vaul decides to upgrade the defective Robot and make him more powerful. Reluctant at first, Zim agrees to help upgrade Gir into a destructive war machine. [106]
23 Weapon of Mass Production After being given new orders by The Shadow, Vaul begins to mass-produce the Morph-O-Tron in a factory on the planet Vort run by his minion Smokestax (Voiced by Jeff Bennett). [107]
24 Revenge of Calamaris Disappointed with Vaul's progress, The Shadow sends Calamaris to relieve Vaul of his job, demoting him to second in command to Calamaris. Calamaris then uses his newfound powers to take out Stan. Meanwhile, Zim leaves Vaul to search for the Tallests and help them reclaim their empire. [108]
25 The Resisty Strikes Back Calamaris tracks the Resisty's ship to Hobo 13 and sends his troops, lead by Zangas Valtron & Zayak, to ambush the group. Meanwhile, Vaul decides to reclaim his position- and take out Calamaris. [109]
26 End of an Empire pt 1 Vaul launches an all out invasion of Metropilosis and sends troops, who are equipped with Morph-O-Trons that are powered by the original Morph-O-tron in Vaul's posession, to capture the leaders of the planet. Meanwhile, Zim must help the Tallests reclaim the Massive. [110]
27 End of an Empire pt 2 With the help of Zim, the Tallests are able to locate all the Invaders sided who are sided with them.They are then able to take back the massive Where Zim de-activates the Morph-O-Trons. Meanwhile Stan and the Resisty are able to defeat Vaul's forces, causing Vaul and his elite to flee in a small cruiser. In the end, The Galactic President has the Tallests sign a treaty preventing them from conquering neighboring planets and the Tallests reward Zim for helping them by promoting him to their personal assistant, a job that Zim eagerly takes. [111]
28 The Shadow Strikes Back pt 1 When the Resisty take Stan and Dr. Zeeltor back earth, everything seems to be getting back to normal. However, things begin to change when Stan goes back to work. It is there that Stan discovers his boss Mr. Thompson's true identity. [112]

Season 5 (Countdown to Doom)[edit]Edit

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
1 The Shadow Strikes Back pt 2 When Mr. Thompson finds that Stan had been spying on him, he captures and takes Stan to his lair where Stan is held prisoner. Meanwhile, Dr. Zeeltor calls for the aid of the Resisty to get Stan back. [113]
2 The Sinister 6 To take out Stan and conquer the galaxy, The Shadow gathers an alliance of Stan greatest foes: Lord Garvon, Supreme Master Artilico, Zangas Valtron, Zayak Valtron, Tak, and Vaul, all of whome are revealed to have been allied with The Shadow since his near defeat and capture on Stan's homeworld. Meanwhile Stan must deal with the group's leader, Calamaris [114]
3 The Return of Crazy Jeff While hunting aliens, Crazy Jeff is captured by 2 of The Shadow's minions and turned into a shadow creature. Jeff, now calling himself "Shadow Jeff", goes on a rampage through the city and it is up to Stan to stop this new threat. [115]
4 Mirror, Mirror The Shadow creates a minion called Mirror King (Voiced by Wally Wingert) by concentrating his energies onto an old mirror. He then sends Mirror King after Stan, who is easily able to defeat the villain. However, doing so releases Stan's evil twin Nega-Stan, whom Stan had previously trapped in the mirror world. [116]
5 Lord Garvon's Fury Tired of being considered incompetant by the other villains, Lord Garvon decides to prove his worth by taking care of Stan himself. Meanwhile, Tak (who has no knowledge of Lord Garvon's plot) sends multi-eyed creature called Eyezor (Voiced by Mark Hamill) to attack Stan. [117]
6 Doctor Doppelgonger Zangas Valtron disguises himself as Dr. Zeeltor to win Stan's trust and steal the plans to Lard Nar's ship. Meanwhile Zangas Valtron's brother Zayak captures and imprisons the real Dr. Zeeltor so he doesn't blow Zangas Valtron's cover. [118]
7 Revenge of the Slobfather Boss Slorr breaks out of prison and hires Zangas Valtron and Zayak as his bodyguards. Boss Slorr then re-establishes his crimminal empire and makes one last ditch attempt to take out Stan once and for all. [119]
8 Attack of the Box Office Stan's friend Zurk Vuldstein invites Stan and Dr. Zeeltor to the premier of his new movie. However, The Shadow finds out and uses this event to trap Stan. Shortly after the movie starts, The Shadow has his minion, a film themed creature called Reelmaster (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) break into the projection room and rig the projector to send Stan, Dr. Zeeltor, and Zurk through a wormhole and into the world of Zurk's film. [120]
9 Power Trip pt 1 The Shadow summons an electrically powered creature called Gigavolt (Voiced by Tom Kenny) to attack and capture Stan. When Gigavolt successfully captures Stan, Dr. Zeeltor must find a way to save his friend. [121]
10 Power Trip pt 2 Dr. Zeeltor enlists the help of the Resisty to save Stan from The Shadow's clutches. But to find Stan, Dr. Zeeltor and his companions must confront and defeat Gigavolt while avoiding his parylizing powers. [122]
11 Morph-O-Tron 2.0 The Shadow unveil's his newest weapon to the other villains: a an improved, more powerful version of the morph-o-tron called "Morph-O-Tron 2.0". He demonstrates the weapon's power by using it to revive his minion Gigavolt, who thanks to the Morph-O-Tron 2.0, has become more powerful. The Shadow further demonstrates the weapon's power by sending the new and improved Gigavolt to take out Stan. [123]
12 The Resisty Expands Knowing that The Shadow is after them, the Irken Defectives decide to join the Resisty and fight back. However what the Defectives don't know is that they are being tracked by Zangas Valtron and his brother who have orders from The Shadow to capture the Defectives. [124]
13 Fish out of Options Calamaris returns, more powerful than before, and is out for revenge on Vaul for double-crossing him. Meanwhile, Stan and Dr. Zeeltor must help the Resisty protect the Irken Defectives from The Shadow's forces. [125]
14 Nightmares of Doom The Shadow attempts to defeat Stan by attacking him in his dreams. It is up to Dr. Zeeltor and his untested "dream machine" to enter Stan's dream and save him. [126]
15 The Conspiracy Tak and her minions conspire to overthrow the Shadow and take his place as leader. Meanwhile, Supreme Master Artilico sends an insectoid robot called Flyborg to attack Stan. [127]
16 Ian Stan must protect Lard Nar when a dangerous irken rogue named Ian (Voiced by Ian McCormick) with grudge against him comes to earth. [128]
17 Under New Managment The Shadow's minions take over the Swollen Eyeball network and hold it's members hostage. When Dib finds out what is going on, he enlists the aid of Stan , as well as the Resisty to save the Eyeballs. [129]
18 Unfinished Business Zangas Valtron plants a bomb somewhere in the city and Stan must find and shut the bomb down before it's timer goes off. Meanwhile, Zim and Sizz-Lorr decide to settle their differences once and for all by going on a Jerry Springer-esque show hosted by a vortian named Jerroize Springstein (Voiced by Jerry Springer). [130]
19 Zeeltor vs. Predator Dr. Zeeltor is persued by a vicious bounty hunter known as "Predator" (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), in homage to the "Predator" character, who mistakes Zeeltor for Zangas Valtron who is wanted on Predator's homeworld for mass murder. [131]
20 TBA [132]
21 TBA [133]
22 TBA [134]
23 TBA [135]
24 TBA [136]
25 TBA [137]
26 TBA [138]
27 TBA [139]
28 TBA [140]
29 TBA [141]
30 TBA [142]
31 TBA [143]
32 TBA [144]
33 TBA [145]
34 TBA [146]
35 TBA [147]
36 TBA [148]
37 TBA [149]
38 The Darknoid [150]
39 Endgame pt 1 [151]
40 Endgame pt 2 [152]

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