Layana is an eleven-year-old Irken who wants to become a soldier.


Layana grew up watching Irken soldiers fight in wars- and usually win them. Soldiers inspired her, and she wanted to be like them. As a smeet, Layana would pretend to be fighting some unseen enemy whenever she had spare time. She is determined to enlist in the Irken Military as soon as she is old enough.


Layana tries to act like a soldier sometimes, but is really still a smeet on the inside and enjoys things that kids like. She is often seen running around with a makeshift handgun made out of garbage, pretending to shoot at things. She has been thought to be insane.


Layana has light blue eyes, normal curled antennae, and normal green skin. She is pretty tall for her age and her antennae are a bit linger than usual. She wears a baseball tee-shirt that is the same color as her eyes and has black sleeves, black pants, and black boots, but sometimes wears a fake soldier uniform made out of old fabric she fished out of a dumpster.

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