Larkz was born just seconds before Horrible Painful Overload Day Part II. His PAK was just installed and he was given a name. After the moment he got his name, the lights went out.

Larkz wandered through the dark, using his antennae to hear things, until suddenly, he bumped into something. He had found some special goggles. They were similar to Zim's germ goggles, but they were night vision goggles with special abilities. Larkz wore these goggles for the rest of his life. He was often picked on during smeethood because of this, but this didnt bother him. He soon became friends with Slyzor.

At some point in time he found a damaged SIR unit on Elite duty. He decided to make him his companion. 

Eventually Slyzor and Larkz were chosen to become the Tallest right before the Robloxian Invasion started. Unfortunately their reign did not last very long. 


Larkz was often a germophobe and tended to be quite organized. Unfortunately his ideas often conflicted with Slyzor due to his stubborn personality. Despite this they were somewhat good friends. 

When not on duty Larkz is often quite kinder then most irkens. He seemed to have been friends with a young Irken Elite and had his own custom SIR unit as an friend. 


Shortly after the Irken Empire had conquered many worlds in the Roblox universe, EYE-6670 went insane and malfunctioned.  The Roblox invasion had gone down in flames because of this.

The rampant Control Brain had shut off the warp gate to the home universe, and declared the Irken race to be "imperfect".  The Control Brain had Slyzor kill Larkz and commited genocide on the Irkens on the planet. 

He was confirmed dead after his decayed remains were discovered on planet Vertec, a kick me note signed by Slyzor was attached to the back of his corpse. 

Larkz's death was not released to the Irken public and he was instead listed as "MIA", along with Slyzor. The collasal failure of the invasion itself was covered up and was since then said to have been shutdown due to "dangerous interdimensional activity".  He is now assumed long dead however.

Facts of DoominessEdit

  • Tallest Purple and Red hate Larkz because he stole their command by being taller than them.
  • During his elite training, he accidentally mistook an Irken named "Koob" as a target in pilot training while riding a shuvver, and shot him with a laser from above. No one ever knew about this. Koob was presumed to have died from accidentally stepping in a minefield on the training zone below. All that was left was a burnt corpse and a severely damaged PAK.
  • His death is confirmed in Sisters and Brothers from beyond this ill fated Reality,when Lurk and Menami discover his skeletal remains on Planet Vertec.
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