"We thank you for your business, Irk-Creatures."

Homeworld Krevtovia(?)
Intelligence High; Sentient Species.
Technology (Presumably) Intergalactic.
Status Reclusive.
Affiliation(s) Individual clan-governments; Krevtovian Elder Councils.
First appearance Tanz von der Krabben.

A strange and reclusive race, very little is known about the Krevtovian Race as a whole. Well, aside from the fact that they grow from a short, three-foot-tall (and somewhat cute) creature to be large, menacing, and somewhat indistinguishable crab-lobster-men with tank-like exoskeletons.

That, and that they like to sell things.

As it stands, they have done relatively little to attract the Irken Armada's attention, with no small thanks to the fact that no one actually knows where their homeworld is. Aside from them, of course. Presumably.

Alright, it's even doubted whether they actually know where their home is, due to the fact that most of those encountered have been born and raised in whatever space stations they inhabit.

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Other Facts Edit

  • Krevtovians were something of a joke race, the name itself coming from the combination of user Cravitus' self-given (and rather popular) nickname of Krev, and from the infamous Roblox group known as the Vaktovians.
  • In terms of appearance, the Krevtovians are a rather stylized and much more diverse and varied version of the classic XCOM Chryssalids, coming in various tones, shades, and colors, not to mention shapes and sizes.
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