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Krenzo as he is seen on Planet Robloxia.

"Zim, fight not what you think is opposed to you, fight what IS..." -Krenzo

"I am one who has eaten the fruit and tasted it's mysteries." -Krenzo describing himself

Krenzo is an Immortal being that was a personal friend of Emperor Xeno.


Krenzo was born on Planet Afriss, the planet that existed before the Universe. When he was in Highschool, the Universe was created. The Four Sages chose him, his friend Verigon, and his friend Frenge to become Immortals. Because Krenzo was the oldest, he became the Galactic Seneder. As the Galactic Seneder, he was now the leader of the Galactic Council. When the Irken race was made, Krenzo formed the first Irkens into the Irken council. Years later, Xeno was born.

Krenzo met Xeno when he was 10 years old. They were good friends. When Xeno was an Irken elite, Krenzo was so proud of him. Xeno was pretty tall, and Krenzo was glad. But then,Krenzo had to go to Planet Entia to seal the portal to the Nightmare Dimension. Krennzo and Xeno didn't see eachother for 80 years. When Krenzo finally returned, Xeno was now Emperor Xeno. Krenzo asked Xeno what happened to the members of the Irken council, Xeno said they died in a battle. Krenzo could tell Xeno was lieing, so he read Xeno's mind.

Krenzo now knew that Xeno had sluaghtered the Irken council. Xeno was getting corrupted. Krenzo knew what Xeno was planning: Universal conquest. Krenzo tried to stop Xeno's horrifieing plan, but Xeno got too powerful. Krenzo, and the Galactic c ounsil were blasted to the other side of the Universe. 10 thousand years later, Krenzo told the one he chose to save the Universe from the Nightmare Dimension, Zim to get up and fight to save the Universe from A great evil.

Zim Accepted this task, and got up to fight for the sake of the Universe. Krenzo told Zim and Tak to go to Irk to find schmoob. When Zim won the war against the Meekrob, he disappeared to a Dimension where Frenge told him that he will one day meet Krenzo. Krenzo eventually married Healia, an Afrissian who the Four Sages made immortal after marrying Krenzo.


Krenzo is very wise and all-loving. He believes in peace and never carries a weapon. Though his staff has the abillity to deactivate one's weapon.


Krenzo wears a gray and black outfit whith gray pants, and green skin. His head looks like the classic alien head. (Like all Afrissians)


Xeno-Krenzo was Xeno's best friend until Xeno betrayed him and started invading the Universe.

Zim: He is one of Zim's closest friends. Their realationship is similar to the realationship of Aang and Avatar Roku from Avatar: The last Airbender.

schmoob-They don't often interact. Krenzo tries to help schmoob (Like he does with most Irkens) find his true path.