Bio Edit

Kravex was designed as an assassin, as part of Plazatrax's KRONOS unit line of SIR units. After his escape from the lab, he went to Vort, in order to upgrade himself further with any technology he could find. There he met several Vortian big game hunters, and studdied with them for several year in order to perfect the art of the hunt. he now uses these skills as a bounty hunter, taking only the most dangerous targets.


He is appears mostly the same as a standard KRONOS unit, but has his left had replaced with a plasma field generator to create an energy sword.

Personality Edit

Kravex is very calm and collected most of the time, but can become consumed by the thrill of the hunt and become unresponsive to anything but his target. he has little sympathy for others, and tends to keep to himself mostly.


Ace: He hates Ace. It is unknown why as of yet.

Plazatrax: He tries to remain neutral with Plazatrax, as he is his creator.

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