Klipnorp is an Irken from an alternate timeline where the Irken Empire took over the galaxy. He is a rebel against the empire, and appeared in 1000 thousand years later


At some point in time, Klipnorp resisted against the Irken Empire and formed a rebellion. This rebellion however failed quickly and went into hiding on Planet Brismilth

After these events, Klipnorp visted the Ancient Dome for unknown reasons. How he managed to travel back in time is unknown.

Years later, Klipnorp met Invader Jib, and it was revealed that they concidentally share a similar genetic makeup. Eventually Klipnorp helped Jib make a portal back into their timeline, in hopes that they could change the future. Unfortunately it was revealed they originated from another timeline, making their time travel plan useless. After this, Klipnorp was arrested by the future Irken Military. His fate is unknown. 


Similar to Jib, Klipnorp is quite sarcastic. He also seems to be extremely pessimistic, with only one tiny shred of desperate hope driving him to figure out how to time travel and fix the future. He also seems to be a terrible leader, missing important facts and details to tell to his fellow rebels. However it is implied he used to be a better leader long ago. 


Klipnorp seems to ironically resemble Zeerk, the only similarity with Jib being his red orange eyes and missing left eye. He wears a coat, magnetic boots, and white gloves. His head is covered in cybernetic implants, and some of his antennae is artificial. 


  • Him, and the rest of the members of his rebellion, all seem to have ridiculous names. 
  • He gave Jib a highly advanced USB drive in 1000 thousand years later, thats full of knowledge all about his timeline, and strangely, information about several alternate dimensions and the location of the Ancient Dome.
  • It is implied he knows of Isosceles, however he has never met him in person. Information about Isosceles also seems to be hidden in his secret USB drive Jib has, but it is protected by a password. 
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