Kirax head

Kirax is an irken ship captain. He has his own shuvver,along with his own devoted irken crew.


Kirax is a tall irken with red,rectangular eyes(Similar to the Tallest's eyes). He has average sized antennae,sharp teeth,and a scar on his left eye. 


Kirax was born on Irk. After graduating from the smeet academy,he wanted to pursue a career as a scientist. Unfortunately,he was present at Vort research station 9 when Zim created the horrible energy absorbing blob. He was briefly attacked by it,giving him his scar on his left eye. After the blob's rampage,Kirax was wrongfully blamed for the incident,along with a handful of other scientists. This caused him to be banned from Vort research station 9,ending his career as a scientist. 

After this,Kirax decided to join the military. He had excellant skills as a soldier,and soon went to planet Devastis to become an Irken elite. Unfortunately,Zim's blackout on irk caused his elite training to be haulted. 





  • He has a huge hatred for defectives. This is because he was greatly affected by Zim's disasters on Irk. He got his scar from being briefly attacked by the energy absorbing blog Zim made on Vort. 
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