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King Nark's palace is the building King Nark lives in. 


King Nark's palace has a front yard with tons of statues of King Nark, trees, and it is protected by guards. The palace also has a huge backyard with fountains, statues, and a hedge maze. The palace is also protected with a powerful fusion cannon mounted onto the top of the palace. 


Nark's palace is huge, so it has many rooms, including dungeons and labs. The first floor is the main lobby of the palace, with two entrances to the lobby, in the backyard and the front yard. Inside the lobby are paintings, statues of King Nark, and television screens. The lobby's floor is checkered with black and white floors. In the middle of the lobby is a metal staircase with golden handrails, dubed the "Royal stairs" by Nark, which lead to the second floor.