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"WEll..ya see..."-King Mark


King Mark is a failed clone of King Nark that was created by King Nark a few years after Nark made his empire. King Mark is kind and likes to tease people with his jokes. Unlike his counterpart, he is kind and fair. King Mark lives on a remote artificial planet created by th survivors of King Nark's rule. He lives in a strange castle made of applesauce there. He rules the artficial planet as a fair king.


King Mark was created as a cloning project for King Nark clones to keep everything undercontrol all over Nark's empire. KIng Mark was first created,he was proven to be too "nice and fun",so he was rejected and held prisoner. Later on,King Nark's scientists tried to create a 3rd clone,but the machine malfunctioned,creating an army of failed Nark clones. They raided King Nark's palace,and broke Mark out of his jail cell. THe clones were eventually killed,however,due to KIng Nark's forces. King Mark was the last clone to survive. He stole a civillian ship out of fear. King Nark flew away to the stars. He flew through space for a few irken years. Until his ship was captured by a tractor beam belonging to a ship full of surviving vortions and slaves. King Mark eventually made peace with the survivors. The survivors named him "Mark". They saw Mark as kind and wise. They crowned him king of their group. They built an artificial planet using wreckage of KIng Nark's machines floating in space. King Mark ruled this artificial planet, and eventually the survivors populated the artficial planet.


King Mark is known to be very cheeryand good sprirted. King Nark is usually calm. He can be very wise iat times,giving advice.. Although,ironically when he is a king of an entire planet,King Mark can be quite cowardly when faced with enemies or emergency situations. Due to his trauma with King Nark and his minions,Mark trembles at the thought of Nark. Mark is always welcoming newcomers in his kingdom.


King Mark is almost identical to King Nark,but unlike Nark,he has brown eye contacts. King Nark has also fused his disguise with his body completely and permanantly,making him appear human. He also wears a brown version of Nark's shirt.


  • Mark's behavior and voice is a parody of Cliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show.
  • Mark's kingdom consists of landscapes made of food and forests. There also is a forcefield that cloaks making it appear as an atmosphere from the inside,and a gas giant from the outside,hiding it from KIng Nark's forces or other intruders.
  • Mark's artificial planet is located in an undiscovered planet 1 galaxy away from Nark's home galaxy.
  • King Mark's eyes seem to cross at random times.
  • King Mark's irken eyes,without his contacts,are light brown.