General Kex is the grandfather of Zim. Kerrek, Daimoz and Zev as well as the father of the merciless General Kratoz.  He was the leader of the first rebellion on Irk and was killed  by the Tallest, just before Kratoz was born.


Due to his relation, Kex resembles Zim and Kratoz. He stands around 6 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds. He wears a ruby red military coat and wears an eye patch and has a claw on his left hand.


Kex is one of the few honorable Irkens as he is proud of his heritage, was known to be merciful to his enimes and as well as a wise and cool-headed military commander. Much like his son Kratoz, he judges his soldiers by their skill not their height, making him a very charamatic leader in the Irken Army. He


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