Kantys Galax is where the assigned planet Chae is, along with others, which are all marked for conquest. There are six planets.

Planets Edit

Chae - Assigned to Invader Koonge, it has a hot and fiery enviornment.

Romaius - Unassigned, it has a cold environment with lots of snow.

Lynei - Assigned to Invader Bork, it has a cool and watery environment.

Kotia - Unassigned, it has a very dark environment with no light to be seen, and is hard to get to.

Panye - Unassgined, it is overwhelmingly bright, and pretty much the opposite of Kotia.

Dakeka - Assigned to Invader Sitch, it has a rocky envirornment.

Information Edit

It was once nothing, but the planet Chae formed. The others did after, although it was hard to survive in them. Living creatures inhabit all of them, adapted to their surroundings. They are all marked for conquest.

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