"Attention. This is a mandatory message to the entire galaxy. There is a race known as the Kakradonites. They are a race so vicious that they want to kill every life form in the entire universe. My message to you is that you absolutely do not make it clear to them that you exist, for they are attacking. Every minute of every day. Always attacking. Murdering entire races. And they will not stop until every race they know exists is gone for ever." -Jambaworg

Kakradonites are a race of xenophobic, genocidal aliens from the planet Kakradon. They have a religious belief that they were created to kill every other life form in the universe.

Technology Edit

The Kakradonites have highly advanced technology, and constantly improve on it. They are much more advanced than the Irken Empire, and one Kakradonite ship could easily take down the entire Irken Armada, including the Massive.

They have a habit of stealing alien technology and converting it into theirs. Often, they will model a new model of deadly robots from a certain individual enemy. For example: if an enemy alien race sent a highly elite member of their army to do a special mission against the Kakradonites, and they caught enough site of him, they would make a new robot that looks like that soldier.

Appearance Edit

Kakradonites look like little yellow men with horns pointed upward under their mouths. Like Irkens, they are usually the size of human fourth graders, and their eyes are usually dark blue.

Language Edit

The Kakradonite language sounds similar to Latin, and most words in it feature an apostrophe. Their writing goes from down to up, and consists of symbols for each word, similar to Chinese. A Kakradonite paragraph usually looks like a long line of symbols going up.

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