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Ka'larr is a tall female planet jacker. She appeared in HOBO 13 is HOBO 13.


Ka'larr is usually silent,but will talk if annoyed or angered. She also seems to be very intimidating to most,threatening anyone who annoys her the slightest. However,most of these threats end up being very possible,due to her powerful strength and boundless brutality. She also seems to be smarter then most planet jackers.


She has amber colored eyes,and brown planet jacker armor. She also wears black gloves and a metallic bracelet on her right arm,with 3 reflective orange spheres on it.  It is unknown what purpose the bracelet serves.


  • She is very similar to Gaz,due to her amber eyes,temper,and ability to intimidate most. 
  • She seems to speak in simple sentences,despite this she is still quite smart. 
  • She enjoys bullying Guar