KRONOS class SIR Units are an advanced, Illegal model that was built by Invader Plazatrax to replace Irken Invaders.

Physical descriptionEdit

KRONOS class SIR units look like a mix between an Irken and Mk II SIR unit. They are around 6 feet tall and have green markings and eyes. There is a socket on the back to fit a PAK onto it. It has two antennae that look like a male Irken’s antenae. It has two arms approximately 3 feet in length. At the ends of the arms are three fingers, as opposed to the standard two. No two KRONOS units have the same eye color.


KRONOS units have the same ocular capabilities as the standard Irken Invader. It also has the standard SIR equipment such as laser guns and thermos capabilities. They also have a frequency scanner that can interrupt, spy on, or otherwise tamper with transmissions.They also have short range teleportation, hologram and cloaking devices, making them deadly spying and infiltrating units.


KRONOS units have extremely powerful processors. This allows them to use all the knowledge they have to the best possible way. However, they have little intelligence without a PAK. With a PAK, even a with a defective one, the KRONOS units are incredibly intelligent and skilled. However, they were made illegal because they broke several laws set by the tallest regulating SIR unit production.

Notable KRONOS unitsEdit

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