Jubbles the 21st is a senile Irken that resides in the looney bin


Jubbles is a very grumpy old man,and will often complain about young people and present Irken society. 

He also seems to be very insane and suffers from something similar to dementia. His memory is also incredibly useless. Strangely,he seems to be a fan of Invader Jib and Averii,believeing them to be a prime example for the current generation to look up to.


He is a very fat,short irken with a large 4 spotted PAK. He wears a grey coat and ruined bunny slippers. He also seems to have neck flaps and crooked antennae. He also has a cyborg eye and red eyes,similar to Jib.

There are also cybernetic attachments installed on the back of his head,that are connected by tubes stuck in his back. It is unknown what their purpose is. He walks with a cane.


  • Darrz oftens refers to him as "Jib's Grandfather",despite the fact that irkens do not have parents,nor families.
  • He strangely seems to send Jib online spam mail related to conspiracy magizenes,soap opera live action shows,granola candy,and potato salad recipes. It is unknown why.
  • He seems to know a person called "Jibbles the Third",who invented an electronic pocket that made ten irken lives better,but then caused him to go bankrupt. This is most likely not his name and forgot his real name. 
  • "Jibbles the Third's" electronic device was invented almost 1,000 years ago,suggesting that Jubbles is extremely old. 
  • Jubbles the 21st is most likely not his real name. 
  • He hates tapoica pudding,cookies,and nachos. He will go into a boundless,rage induced fit if someone offers him anything chocolate or vanilla flavored. 
  • He hates anything or anyone of inter dimensional origin,preferring them to "stay in their garsh darn fruitcake doodly omega alternate dimension country and out of ours."
  • He believes he partcipated in a war with giant pineapples and mutant irken ham cow people in his past,and refers to it as "the war I think I was in".
  • Jubbles was transported to the looney bin 100 Irken years ago,because the inter-galactic retirement home was "full". 
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