Jinkz, owner of the JGG

Jinkz' Groovey Grub is a restaurant on Foodcourtia. It is owned by Frylord Jinkz and serves sandwiches and beverages.


Jinkz' Groovey Grub was founded a few years before Dunkz' Donuts. It was started when Jinkz was told that he should make sandwiches. After a few years of Jinkz working on his own to keep his business running, he hired four new employees. After Dunkz' Donuts was founded, Jinkz was told that he would get a new machine called the Food Maker 2000, this device would make any food you want with a single zap. But while it

was waiting outside JGG, a piece of Dunkz' billboard crashed into it due to an overhead skirmish between Irken Defective Zim and Frylord Sizz-Lor, destroying it. Jinkz thought this was Dunkz' fault, starting the rivalry of the two Frylords.


Jinkz' Groovey Grub looks like a giant sandwich with a white door and windows shaped like sandwiches. On the inside, it looks like Dunkz' Donuts, only with a grey floor, grey walls, and a sandwich shaped menu.

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