Jezz is a female Irken and one of the most active (albeit low-ranked) members in the Irken Rockets, partnered with Jame and MEOWT.


Jezz and Jame were both born as a result of Operation Genesis. They were both defective, born saying their motto. They were nearly killed when they grew older, but they escaped. Jezz led most of this. Jezz eventually attended the Invader Academy with Jame. She was expelled due to her "creepy and dumb antics" and took Jame out of school with her. She pretended to be well-educated and tried to become an Irken Elite, which would let her become an Invader and become a star. However, she failed miserably and was almost killed again in practice. This enraged her. Jame had the same fate. The two started the Irken Rockets, but when Gio came around, they were booted down- way down- the rankings. They agreed to invade the Pokemon world as "Team Rocket" and gain Pokemon to overthrow Irk eventually, and stayed there for a long time. Jezz posed as Jessie, a 17 year old girl on the team. Her disguise is "solid holographic"- a technique only used by the I.R. and by Anj. This means her disguise cannot be penetrated at any will other than her own.


Jezz is usually pretty rough on teammates and a stubborn leader, which usually leads her team into disaster. She has a soft spot for cute things because cuteness is rare on Irk. She hates being called old in disguise because it makes her paranoid (being 900 years old on the Pokemon planet is pretty uncommon). She likes stardom which is why she wanted to be an Invader. She is a powerful fighter due to her mild training. Many people are terrified of her.



Jezz and Jame have their ups and downs. They get along better out of disguise, mainly because Jame is willing to do anything for "Jessie" out of fear of her, but Jezz with her Irken weapons is far scarier. They may have a crush on each other, but it's not definite.


Jezz doesn't respect MEOWT because he's not as capable as a SIR should be. She hits him a lot, and he rarely strikes back because he lacks a lot of weapons.


Jezz and Myu have met, and Myu thinks Jezz is "like, [her] third cousin or something" because of them both being Operation Genesis results. Jezz disapproves, and she and Myu hate each other.


Jezz is forced to please Gio or she can be severly hurt. Ahe has accepted this and obeys Gio's every word.


Zim briefly joined the Irken Rockets, but Jezz thought he was annoying, lame, and controlling, so she kicked him off.

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