Jambaworg is an immortal being from the planet Ruinia. He is the last of his kind, and is one of the most well known galactic politicians.

Relation with the Empire Edit

Jambaworg is not well known on Irk, but many Irkens have been affiliated with him. An example of this is Tallest Miyuki, who was secretly a member of the Council of Jambaworg, which is one of the largest parts of the Galactic Government. The current Tallest are merely acquaintances of Jambaworg, and the mountain of treaties between the Irken Empire and the Galactic Government prevent Jambaworg from interfering with Irken conquest.

Appearance Edit

Most people would describe Jambaworg as "some random guy in a top hat". He wears a top hat, a tuxedo, and has blue skin and ghost-white eyes.

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