Ah the third dimension, its been F O R E V E R!
— Iso • To An Unknown Individual.


Isosceles is an ancient being originating from outside the third dimension.   

History Edit

Iso's history is mostly unknown. He is currently residing in a higher plane of existence, only capable of interacting with the three dimensional world through strange mirror-esque portal devices, hidden randomly across the universe. Where the devices are unknown, along with their origins. He stated in his first appearance that he was "trapped" in his plane of existence , making it some kind of prison. 

He is stated to have existed sometime billions of years right after Omniversal collapse, making him incomprehensibly ancient. Apparently the last time he entered the third dimension was almost eighty thousand years ago.

Also at some point in time he seemed to have met and befriended Vok Verthon, a coron with a twisted sense of humor and no morality.  It's not difficult to see why they get along so well. He also seems to have encountered nightmare SICC at some point, along with Vass. How and why is unknown. 

Forms Edit

Mirror formEdit

A form he takes while trapped in his own dimension, while being only able to interact through his mirror portal. In this form he is nothing more then a living reflection of six pink glowing eyes. However he is able to temporarily sprout black monstrous clawed arms and spider legs. This allows him to affect the three dimensional plane on an extremely small scale. 

True Form(Assumed)Edit

In his true form, Isosceles is a being made of purple crystals. He has an octahedron shaped head with a small bottom point, it resembles a diamond. On his head are six floating pink glowing eyes, that can move anywhere on his body. For a torso iso has a eight pairs of diamond shaped pillars arranged to resemble a ribcage, connected to the back of these pillars is what appears to be a spine ending in a diamond shaped pelvis. Isosceles also possesses a pair of long octahedron shaped arms ending in three black claws, with the third claw usually hidden. He possesses no legs of any kind, preferring to just float above the ground. His arms, head, and torso seem to not be connected to his body at all, and float mid air. However a magnetic force seems to keep them close together(when he wants). His claws also function as fingers and seem to be able to change shape and move anywhere on his body. However like his eyes and limbs they must stay close to his body, and also seem to not be connected to his body as well. They seem to hover just above his body making them seem connected. 

Inside his ribcage is a thick diamond , that can split open at will revealing what is assumed to be internal organs, along with fleshy sharp mandibles. These mandible can extend and grab any victim that gets too close. Horrifiyingly enough his internal organs seem to be lined with teeth despite not being jaws at all. 

His eyes seem to be made of a solid form of light, and are cold to the touch. Isosceles uses them to express emotion and make "eye" contact with others, despite him being capable of seeing without his eyes. They also seem to become brighter on every syllable when he speaks. However his eyes seem to be only capable of becoming thinner or slightly growing in size. This makes expressing his emotions a bit limited. However when he is angry enough or if he wants to emphasize something they can turn red. 

Abilities Edit

Isosceles has many abilities due to being from a higher dimension, but these powers are limited due to him only have a certain amount of time before his powers weaken, forcing him to go back into a portal leading to his assumed homeworld. These abilities seem to be a small taste of what he is capable of, and it is unknown how powerful he can get without the portal holding him back.

Without someone to summon him from his mirror portal, he is trapped in his own plane of existence, only capable of interacting with the third dimension through projected images from the mirror or by creating text on the mirrors surface. 

His power also seems to be limited with in terms of interacting with lower dimensional beings, requiring a contract for the being to sign. These contracts are usually made of pink hard light that he projects from his eyes, they even come with their own hard light pink pen to sign it with. Isosceles can also summon these contracts from emitting pink flames in his hand. The contracts can do anything from allowing him to raise the dead, summon people, and even shapeshift. However it requires a being to give him permission through making a deal and then signing the contract. Unfortunately most of these contracts have tiny text stating a horrible catch to the deal of some kind. 

Once a deal is made, it cannot be broken , nor can the contract be destroyed. Isosceles mainly uses this ability to take advantage of others and trick them.

Iso has the ability to shapeshift into almost any third dimensional object. However with sentient beings he must make a contract with them in order to copy their form. Unfortunately Isosceles usually horribly deforms the contract signer to slow them down, making them almost physically useless. 

His shapeshifting ability is not perfect however, and strangely cannot replicate living matter. Instead a deceased husk of the original is made, with a paler skin tone and eyes. Isosceles is also unable to feel pain in his copy forms, due to having no living nerves or even an active brain at all. Why Isosceles can't replicate living organic matter is unknown. 

Iso also seems to be able to somewhat manipulate decayed matter, such as corpses. He usually requires a contract for this as well, though.

Isosceles can also somewhat control the flow of time and gravity,revealed in Hideously Idiotic Heist. However only on a small scale and for a brief period of time. He is also capable of deforming living things, only temporarily thankfully. This also applies to his "body stealing" contracts , slowly the deformed contract signer will revert to their original form. However this process is often physically uncomfortable and not a pretty sight.

Despite all this Isosceles can't shapeshift into things noticeably larger then him , and can't perfectly replicate machines. 

Isosceles is also able to "record" the forms he steals, allowing him to horribly mix them when shapeshifting as he pleases.

He also seems to be capable of sprouting black clawed arms from his portal, however this seems to drain his energy and apparently physically taxing. Isosceles states it's akin to stretching ones arm to reach something. 

Isosceles also has telekinetic abilities , such as absorbing memories by touching someone's head , beaming thoughts into someone, etc. This ability seems to be energy draining as well. He also seems to be immune to telepathic attacks and mind readers, most likely due to his thoughts being too much for any lower dimensional being to handle. His thoughts would likely drive the telepath insane in moments. 

He is also capable of pyrokinesis through summoning strange pink flames, weirdly enough the flames seem to be cold rather then hot. Despite this Isosceles can lower it's temperature to extremely lethal levels if he needs to.

His "eyes" also seem to be capable of shooting pink lasers , and can move anywhere on his body. They also seem to be oddly hovering just above his body, however they seem to be kept close to his body by an unknown magnetic force.  

Personality Edit

Iso is, in a lack of a better word, a physcopath. He is incapable of feeling remorse for others and only cares about himself. Despite this Iso is capable of helping others if it benefits him. He also seems to be capable of socializing with those that are as twisted as he is. He is even capable of making jokes with them. Iso seems to be able to show limited affection toward his friends, but only so they can stay out of his way and obey him longer.

Despite this Isosceles has trouble grasping ANY concept of love and sees it as "a natural mechanism designed to help organisms reproduce". Thus any form of romantic affection Iso shows is mostly perverted and one sided. This also implies that Iso has no trouble throwing friends away if they are no longer useful to him.

Iso is also a subconscious liar, and a good one at that. He is also skilled at psychologically manipulating others, and creating intricate schemes and plots. However despite his quick thinking and wit, he is often quite impulsive and can often be a bit cocky. Despite this Iso makes sure to always make a backup plan just incase.


Twinkle- Dead Space-1

Twinkle- Dead Space-1

Iso's theme song


Flaahgra Battle - Metroid Prime Music Extended

Flaahgra Battle - Metroid Prime Music Extended

Iso's Main Theme



Vs. Emperor Ing A - Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Music Extended

Iso's battle theme



  • "Hey? You wanna know what's more pointless then one liners? Your existence in general."
  • "Sorry to say this Spikey Hair, but your crush doesn't exist and never will. Now,where's that stool and rope you desperately need?"
  • "We will be best friends! We will hug and do friend things across time and space! In every way! IN EVERY WAY. Can you imagine?!"
  • "I admit this have been fun. Welp, time to die."
  • "Life is a game of chess! YOU NEED PAWNS TO WIN."
  • "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my FUTURE CORPSE! "
  • "For the last time I'm not a gem crystal or whatever the hell tv show youre talking about."


  • 8 is his favorite number.
  • He seems to have some history with Dusq.
  • He made a deal with Nightmare Lurk ,Zathar ,and Tilex . However,the deal ended with Tilex becoming horribly disfigured and injured. 
  • Isosceles likes to make nicknames for people. This is mostly because he doesn't care enough to remember their actual names. 
  • His design is based off of the Legendary golems from Pokemon. His personality is also based on Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls,along with some of his powers. He is also loosely inspired by the The Lich from Adventure Time
  • Isosceles was originally supposed to be a poorly written generic eldritch abomination named Xnaught,that suffers from extreme angst and a poorly made sob story past.
  • Isosceles speaks in a distorted voice similar to the corrupt supercomputer from Starship Icarus,from
  • Isosceles hates Death.
  • Isosceles hates 3rd dimensional food,but finds 2 dimensional life forms to be delicious and taste like "6 dimensional space spahgetii". 
  • Isosceles hates earth music and says it causes him to go into an "uncontrollable boundless rage".
  • Isosceles often messes with internet connections on random planets just for fun. He often also enjoys going on web forums and enraging people,and sees the internet as "the home of my people".
  • Isosceles also enjoys stalking people and creating chaos for amusement,and often enjoys disturbing others.

  • The equation that is likely to calculate his exact age is 126,000,000,000,000,000 + 10^10^120 x 88,000,000,000 + 16,000,000,000. The answer to this equation would require much more space in the universe itself to count, and there is no known number to describe it. Thus his age is literally incomprehensible and it's exact number is a mystery.
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