"Yeah...that was an accident."-Vass explaining why someone's head painfully inflated ot the size of a yoga ball. 

Irken Scientist Vass was an Irken Scientist who primarily studied biology and diseases, both fatal and ineffective to Irkens. Most of his primary goals where to discovery how said diseases are neutralized or cured, as well as studying the behavior of said diseases when exposed to life. His work was meant with rather varying levels of sucess, due to his unconvential methods and aformentioned safety procedures. 

He spent the later oart if his lie in hiding for a number of reasons; mostly over his paranoia of being killed or stolen form.


Vass's sanity was at times, often questionable, as he had a tendency to test dangerous materials on himself, given he knows it isn't outright fatal. Aside from that, his attitude towards test subjects and those with unknown diseases was often cold, usually treated as little more than buisness. Even so, he was incredibly ambitious, and rarely feared the often fatal specimans he studied. 


As part of a deal between Tilex and Isoceles , Vass was unexpectedly murdered, with his body vanishing shortly after. His rather mysterious fate lead to investigation on how this could have happened.



Tilex was an assistant and former-test subject of Vass.

Early on, Vass's relationship with Tilex wasn't overtly negative, though his odd behavior often caused problems. As per result, Vass began to question his sanity, and was mostly uncomftarble being around him. This culminated into a lab accident causing Tilex to attack Vass in a freak accident, leading Vass to force him to leave. 

Tilex hated Vass sometime afterwards, and attempts to murder him further motivated him to go into hiding, althought that was far from the only reason.


Jaz was an assistant of Vass around the same time as Tilex, and quit out of fear something similar would happen to her. Vass was mostly impartial towards her.

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