The Irken Rockets is a group of rebellious Irkens, most who were once an Elite or Invader or are defective, bent on destroying the process of invading out of revenge, mainly by poaching SIR and PEN units. Members include Jezz, Jame, Kass, Boch, their SIR unit MEOWT, and several other unnamed members. They are mainly in the Pokemon world where some Invaders were sent, only there posing as "Team Rocket." They want Pokemon to bring to Mighty Gio, a.k.a. "Giovanni," who can engineer them to become stronger than the strongest SIR unit, Pokemon that can utterly detroy the Massive. They are one of Irk's bigest threats and Invader Myu's  worst fear.



Jezz, half of one result of Operation Genesis, is an egotistical female defective. She, along with Jame and MEOWT, are the most active Irken Rocketeers ever. She considers herself the "best, cutest, most skilled, and cutest" In the Pokemon world, she goes under the alias "Jessie."


Jame is the other (defective) half of the aforementioned experiment and only male result to date. He is weaker and more modest, often getting dragged into things by Jezz. He seems effeminate posing as "James" in the Pokemon world, but in reality, he's mocking humans.


Kass is a female ex-Invader. She is strong, competent, and the rival of Jezz. She goes as "Cassidy."


Boch is a male ex-Invader and Kass's partner in crime. He is also strong, but sometimes in cover as "Butch," people still call him Boch by mistake.


MEOWT is the prime SIR unit. He pairs with Jezz and Jame, and used to be the SIR of Gio until he was upstaged by an upgraded version (PERS) modified by Kass and Boch. He is defective (you can here grammatical errors as well as an unusual tone of voice that he fits into his faux backstory). He goes disguised as Meowth, which is how he got is name. He wasn't supposed to talk during their first mission; when he did, Jezz and Jame decided to just "go with it."


Jezz, Jame, MEOWT, and the Irken Rocket motto.

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