Request 02 kye by moondragon tsuki-d4iolzr

Irken Kye owned by Coyotefeather 90 MegW drawn by DAuser Realityreble

Name: Kye

Age: somewhere in his late twenties

Ht: 5,9

Wt: 140

Species: Irken

Home planet: Irk

Current residence: ?

Current job: Bounty hunter

Siblings: Invader Emmie

love intrests: Irken Wren & Irken Ember

Kye was born an Irken on one of the species smeet cloning planets.

he quickly excelled in life, moving up in rank quicker than most. he was looked over for promotion to tallest when he realized the current tallest wasnt going to let him take her position. she put out a reward for his head claiming he was a rebel. Kye was captured by royal guards and tossed into a game of survival on planet Hobo13. he wasnt alone he found himself there with a few others including he future partners in crime; Anon and Wren. Kye,Anon, and Wren escape with a stolen cruiser and slowly upgrade in theft. finding the game to be fairly easy, they turn Rebel agains the empire. Kye's only sibling Emmie worries for her brother and blames Wren for his leaving the empire and turning rebel.

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