Drawn by Keswicksnumber1fan

Irken Invader Maria
, or, as most people know her as Defective Maria, is a defective invader, as of she brang destruction to the Irken Empire, and has also had many defected twitches and fidgets, and also uncontrollable stupidity attacks. When those haven't occured, she's actually pretty smart. 

She has a Sir Unit, which she constructed herself while in the Irken Prison. She was put under arrest for murdering some Irken Citizens with her Pak. Her Sir Unit, Kit Kat, ended up stupider than she was supposed to be. She also ended up girly, and loves Kit Kats.

Gir unit base 4 by invader jinx-d3gt0rl

Kit Kat Base By TheSweetestDisease on deviantART

She never had a mission, but she was going to conquer a world anyways, as she was going to the new planet, her engine of her ship crashed, and she was stuck at Planet Earth, as now she lives with Irken Invader Zim, though she pretty much hates him. 
Maria's Human Desguise

Her Human Disguise- Drawn by Keswicksnumber1fan

She was forced to go to Skool with him, as of she wasn't aloud home, or she'd probably rip apart his equitment by accident with a stupidity attack, or a spazm attack.

Her Human disguise was pretty simple, as she used easy technology to create a hologram image over herself, with a bow, brown hair, red human eyes, and a Pink dress with black shoes.

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