The result, Invader Meen

The Irken Experiment M33N628 first started years ago, when mutations in the genetic code of the Irken Smeets resulted in very impressive traits. So, in the embryo marked M33N628, the Almighty Tallest altered its DNA so it would grow up to possess these traits, intelligence and height being one of them. The objective of the experiment: to finally find a way to "replace" Zim.


Subject, having dubbed himself "Meen" has been a excellent Irken Commander and Invader. However, he seems to be too clever. He will manipulate almost anyone, and not let his ego get in the way of what he wants. He has no apparent desire to rebel, but his intelligence seems to override the Control Brains' PAK programming.

Actions based on the ResultsEdit

The Almighty Tallest began Irken Experiment L1ANN420, making sure that these traits will show up in a female.

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