Battle Zag

Zag in action

Zag and Jib vs N. Zyl

Jib and Zag battling Nightmare Zyl


Thresh, Sev, Scythe, Zag, and Crux

Zag is an Irken Elite who specializes in aerial operations. He is in a legion led by Commander Rees, and wants to become an Invader. Zag participated in The Growing Insanity incident, and has a lot of battlefield experience. He is in the Reserve Invader Legion, and in case of a need for an Invader, Zag is signed up to be one. This is not normally a thing one can do, but his extensive aerial training makes him good at stealth ops. The one thing that could possibly hinder his progress as a soldier would be his arrogance and large ego.


Zag has a large head and a small body. He has mint green eyes and PAK spots, and a customized Irken Elite Uniform with airlocks around his gloves, pants, and collar. His PAK is equipped with many advancements that allow him to fly for up to five hours, with his boots used as stabilizing jets. Both of these advancements were invented by Invader Vex, along with the high powered energy rifle that Zag wields.


Zag is arrogant, and thinks that he is better than everyone else. This has led to him getting in trouble many times, but Rees keeps him around because none of her other soldiers have quite the same skill set as Zag. Fortunately, Zag has quite the intellect, and often helps Rees with battlefield strategy.


  • Commander Rees-Zag and Rees get along fine, but sometimes Rees gets fed up with Zag's arrogance. They have served for five years, and trust each other quite a lot.
  • Irken Elite Sev-Zag and Sev often get on each other's nerves, each one thinking himself better than the other, but their trying to outdo each other actually leads to them doing missions very well.
  • Invader Vex-Zag appreciates the wonderful tech that Vex supplies him with, but thinks himself superior to Vex because it doesn't take anything but the brain to invent a weapon, but it takes a skilled person to wield it well. Vex does not appreciate this mentality.
  • Commander Mie-Zag was saved by Mie while near death in the forests of Planet Unnu. Zag is grateful, and is friends with Mie.
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