Thresh, Sev, Scythe, Zag, and Crux

Sev is an Irken Elite. He serves in Commander Rees' legion, and specializes in advanced battle tactics. He wields technology invented by Invader Vex, as well as standard Irken Elite equipment and weaponry.


Sev has blue-green eyes and PAK spots, a blue Irken Elite uniform with no face mask, and usually wears black sunglasses. He is taller than most Elites, and is quite fit. Sev's antennae are shorter than most Irkens, and his head is a bit flatter. He wields a number of weapons such as grenades, laser handguns, rocket launchers, and more, but his most prominent weapon is a machine gun designed by Invader Vex that shoots a bolt of electrified plasma at its target, immediately incinerating any living organism. It can cut through most armor, and cannot be repelled by antipersonnel class ray shields.


Sev is a bit arrogant, and likes to think of himself as the only defense between enemy troops, and the Irken Control Brain. This mentality not only assists his will to fight, but also his speed, stamina, and accuracy. He is quite the comedian, and likes to brighten the room by cracking a joke or two. Overall, he is a likable guy, once he knows people well enough. This friendly demeanor completely disappears when Sev is insulted or made fun of, however, and he often makes extremely rash decisions that he later regrets.


Commander Rees- Sev is good friends with Rees, and respects her as a superior soldier, an honor he rarely bestows. Sev has served under Rees for a very long time, and they fight side by side in nearly every battle.

Invader Vex- Sev is grateful for Vex's supplies, but wishes to know him better, and how he builds the things he does. They are friends.

Invader Vax- Sev really doesn't know Vax very well, but Vex assures him that he is a good person. Due to recent events, Sev doesn't really like Vax, and thinks he is unorganized and illogical.

Irken Elite Zag- Sev and Zag are like brothers, but still try to outdo each other all the time, which in the long run actually leads to them getting things done with very high quality in each other's presence.

Menami- Sev thinks that Menami is honestly quite pitiful, as she seems to need constant supervision and help from many people at one time. He also observed that people seem to obsess over her, and thinks that these obsessions are unwarranted and dumb.

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