Thresh vort

Thresh and Crux fighting on Vort.


Thresh, Sev, Scythe, Zag, and Crux

Crux is an Irken Elite specializing in demolition, hacking, sniping, and occasionally serves as a tank commander. He is in Commander Thresh's Special Operations squad, and is Thresh's favorite trooper.


Crux wears a red tinted Irken Elite uniform that shows his squad affiliation. His eyes are orange, as well as his PAK spots. He wears standard Irken elite gauntlets, and a specialized eyepiece designed by Invader Vex. The eyepiece has object readout technology, long range communication antennae, and a variable zoom scope controlled through Crux's PAK. This eyepiece can swivel to either side of Crux's head, allowing him to have the best conditions possible. His antennae are usually swept forward in constant alert.


Crux is considered by Commander Thresh to be a perfect soldier. He follows commands well, but adapts quickly when need be. He is a skilled soldier in almost every field, and has a good sense of humor when jokes are acceptable. Crux is very rooted in Irken beliefs; he agrees completely with the Irken need for conquest.


Commander Thresh- Crux is Thresh's favorite of his troops, and Crux greatly respects Thresh. They are good friends, and have worked together for many years.

Invader Vex- Vex invented much of Crux's advanced equipment, namely his eyepiece, weapons, and custom PAK legs. They are friends.

Invader Vax- Vax and Crux met in the first military class taken by smeets, but after a few years, they split into different divisions of military training. They are friends.

Irken Elite Scythe- Scythe and Crux have served together under Commander Thresh for years, and have bonded more than either would like to admit. Crux, however, disapproves of Scythe's recklessness and lack of self control, and occasionally questions why Scythe is a higher rank than him.

Crux new1

Crux's newest armor, including a full helmet, a style becoming more popular among Elite solders

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