Vex and Jib

Vex and Jib in "The Return of the Meekrob... Again"

After Knox is defeated and Nightmare Zyl is killed, the Nightmare Dimension is split into two sides. When the outcoming war results in chaos, the thin line between what is right and what is wrong is torn to shreds. Consisting of returning characters along with several new faces, the introduction of new dangers and threats, and more, this is Irken Conquest : Season Two.

Note: Most of the rps in this season are on hiatus until further notice, so please do not add new roleplays.


ACTIVE: The RP can be continued and is most likely recently in progress.

INACTIVE: The RP has issues regarding it, such as an Inactive member, needed plot changes, or has not been continued for a very long time. If the inactive member is determined unreachable, said member can be removed from the RP if absolutely necassary.

CANCELLED: The RP has little to no chances of being continued and will likely be removed from the season.

???: The fate of the RP is undetermined and needs to be considered.

RPs to be moved to other seasons 

Season Finale

After an Irken outpost in deep space is raided by nightmare Irken seeder ships, a plot to destroy all of Irken civilization is uncovered. Can the invasion be stopped? Can the Nightmare Irkens be pushed back and their leader be destroyed? Find out in this season's finale, A Dark Apotheosis (Part 1)!

Vex vs Dusq
Alien from finale 2

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