Overview / Summary:

After the Nightmare Irkens Fail A Planned Attack On Irk, Their forces are temporarily weakened. Meanwhile a familiar Threat lurks in the shadows, and secrets are revealed, and new Characters are introduced. This Thrilling new addition to the Irken Conquest Story will be one you probably don't want to miss, unless you're really boring.

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Role-Play Status Key:

ACTIVE - Going On As We Speak

FINISHED - Done RP Has 99.99% Chance That It Will Not Be Revisited.

CANCELLED - The RP has little to no chances of being continued and will likely be removed from the season.

???? - The fate of the RP is undetermined and needs to be considered.

INACTIVE - The RP has issues regarding it, such as an Inactive member, needed plot changes, or has not been continued for a very long time. If the inactive member is determined unreachable, said member can be removed from the RP if absolutely necessary.

MOVED - Officially Moved To Season Four.

PAUSED - RP Is Paused Until Further Notice.

RP's To Be Moved To Season Four:

Season Finale:

TBA, Will Lead Into: Season Four.

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