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Vex and Vax in "The Growing Darkness," an episode of Irken Conquest


When Knox, Nightmare Vax, and Frylord Jinkz and other villians attack, Invaders Vex, Jib, and Vax, along with LIR, Schmoob, Commander Thresh,Menami, and others must defend their world from impending doom. Complete with action, suspense, humor, and some drama, this is season one of Irken Conquest.


ACTIVE: The RP can be continued and is most likely recently in progress.

INACTIVE: The RP has issues regarding it, such as an Inactive member, needed plot changes, or has not been continued for a very long time. If the inactive member is determined unreachable, said member can be removed from the RP if absolutely necassary.

CANCELLED: The RP has little to no chances of being continued and will likely be removed from the season.

???: The fate of the RP is undetermined and needs to be considered.

The Season Finale[]

A scene from The Growing Insanity

All efforts of both the season's protagonists and antagonists have all been leading up to this crucial conflict, one that will determine the fate of the Irken Empire and of the entire universe.

This epic story of the race to save the universe and all of its inhabitants is: The Growing Insanity

Contributors and Writers[]

The Next Season[]

Irken Conquest: Season Two is the next season of Irken Conquest! Check it out!