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Irken Conquest is a fanon series of recorded roleplays. It was created sometime in late 2013 by several users,and was named by INVADER VEX. It currently has four confirmed. "seasons". However only three are active at the moment, four will start at some point in 2016.


Irken Conquest takes place at least 5 Irken years after the events of Invader Zim (Excluding "Invader Dib"), in the dimension known as Z-14.  During Impending Doom II. The fates of Zim, Dib,and Earth are unknown. Earth does not usually appear much at all.

Impending Doom II has so far been a success. Half of the invaders have already completed their missions and conquered their assigned planets. In addition,a few highly trained Irkens were specially assigned to locations such as EARTH-4510 and The Vortian System (Resistance camps).

Also, an attempt to invade and conquer an alternate universe was made in 2007(Irken Time). However,the invasion failed after it's main base of operations was destroyed in sabotage. Unfortunately this caused the only way back to the normal universe to be cut off. Forcing anyone still in the other universe to be left behind. This eventually led to an apocalypse and destruction of society in this universe. 

Eventually,the empire created another gateway to this alternate universe,allowing most Irkens still alive to return home. 

Soon after this,a new enemy to the empire had risen. The Nightmare Irkens,a force that almost rivals the Irken Empire in power and weaponry. Eventually,new enemies and dangers formed that threatened the Irken Empire,and even the universe itself



  • It is currently the only fanon series active on the wikia. 
  • It is rated PG-13 for some blood,violence,alcohol,and rude humor. Although adult language,cussing,nudity,explicit drugs,and gore is prohibited. Following the Invader Code of Conduct
  • It is usually continuity heavy.
  • Most roleplays are recorded in articles.  
  • Season One is known to have a few low quality roleplays. This is due to the fact that some users were new to roleplaying. Season Two is better. 
  • There is no toilet humor. 
  • Originally the Multiverse wasn't involved in the plot at all.