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Irk Day is one of the most important celebrations in the Irken calendar, celebrating Irk and its mighty empire. It is celebrated all over the Irken empire and especially on Irk. Unlike Earth day, Irk Day is actually fun. It gives every Irken a chance to show how patriotic they are toward Irk. Everyone has to wear red, the color of Irk. This is a bit like St. Patrick's day, where you have to wear green or you get poked. On Irk Day if your not wearing red you receive painful static shocks until you do. Irken Slave Drivers are stationed in nearly every building throughout the empire on Irk Day in order to electrocute the un-patriotic citizens.

Irk day red

The Irk Day military flag

In addition to the wearing of red, tons of snacks rain from the sky when the Irken Armada fires them all over Irk. Of course many counquered races within the empire refuse to celebrate Irk Day. Their heads are simply inserted with happy screws. After all, Irk day is for everybody, as the Irken empire will inevitably counquer the whole universe.

The annual symbol for Irk Day is Irk with a smiley face giving a thumbs up. Another common symbol is a grey Irken Military symbol surrounded by a red background, displaying the might of the Irken Armada.

Irk day can be celebrated on the Earth calendar's day of August 19th (the day INVADER ZIM'S final episode aired. THE IRKEN EMPIRE LIVES ON!!!)

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