The Irken-o-pocalypse is the "dark ages" of the Robloxian invasion, after the Control Brain, Isee99, imploded. The only surviving irkens spread across the Robloxian universe, and had no way to return back to the normal universe.

Lurk and Zeerk were born in this period, along with Lurk's friends and allies. Due to them being born without having knowledge of the normal universe, the Irkens left in the normal universe assumed that the Irken Empire had been completely destroyed by Isee99.

Length of apocalypseEdit

The Irken-o-pocalypse lasted for 200 Robloxian years.

The only Irkens that had knowledge of this back in the normal universe were only high ranking Irkens, the Tallest, and the control Brains. They just forgot all about the Robloxian universe saying "The portal must've glitched, they're doomed."  All the other Irkens knew nothing about this invasion due to it being kept secret.

The apocalypse ended when the Robloxian Invasion Irkens finally came into contact with the Tallest. After that, the Invasion began again and the Alemus War was soon to start. 

Facts n stuffEdit

  • Zeerk went on a long journey across the Robloxian Universe to recover tech to rebuild the conquered Roblox planets, it took him exactly 20 Robloxian Earth years to do so.
  • If it wasn't for Zeerk, the Irken-o-pocalypse would still be going on.
  • Lurk helped contact the normal universe.
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