Zorg is an Irken Invader and a friend-in-a-way of Invader Vax.


Zorg is cruel, keen, weird, and kind of a know-it-all. He usually talks in 3rd person.


He has a regular Invader uniform with no stripes, red eyes, up-pointed antennae, not-so sharp teeth, and an implant on his leg.


  • Invader Vax-They are kinda friends, but hate each other.
  • Invader Vex-He hates Vex more than anything else in the Universe, and calls his inventions "puny trashcans". Vex doesn't really understand what warrants this hatred, so he really doesn't care about Zorg.
  • Zim-He is good friends with Zim. They're personalities are quite similar, and Zim is possibly the only person Zorg doesn't hate.
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