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  • Extended Invader Zim Intro Music Plays*
  • Show's Earth*
  • Show's Zim's Base on earth*

Zim: Haha!

Gir: I like this show.

  • Goes through TV screen and Shows Dib's House*
  • Goes in Kitchen*

Gaz: Dib ate the last slice of Pizza. He will pay harshly. HE WILL PAY!

  • Dib's Backyard*

Dib: Hmm so this Zim's Home Planet Irk.

  • End Introduction*
  • Interior Zim's House*

Zim: Well GIR, I've finally made a plan that will destroy the filthy Humans.

GIR: Yay!

Zim: GIR, listen very carefully. I need you to come to the Lab.

GIR: Okay!

  • Interior Zim's Lab*

Zim: Alright GIR, I've installed various upgrades for this very important assignment. You are no longer stupid now, plus I added a Robot Claw.

GIR: I feel very different.

Zim: I've done it! AT LAST!

  • Interior Irken Armada*
  • Phone Ringing*

Servant: Incoming transmission from Earth.

Red Tallest: Oh great, it's Zim.

Zim: My Tallest, my conquest of Earth is nearly completed.

Purple Tallest: Should we tell Zim the truth?

Red Tallest: *nods*

Purple Tallest: Zim, the truth is we never wanted to conquer Earth. We didn't even know it existed. Your'e also a defective Irken Zim.... You're not an Invader!

Zim: WHAT!?

Red Tallest: He's right Zim, your not a real Invader.

Zim: Impossible!

Red Tallest: Goodbye, Zim.

Purple Tallest: You, make sure we get no more transmissions from Earth.

  • Interior Zim's Lab*

Zim: How can it be?

Zim: GIR.

GIR: Yes, my Lord?

Zim: Start packing up the base. We're quitting.

GIR: But, why?

Zim: It turns out I'm not a real Invader.

GIR: .....

Zim: I'll be back soon.

  • Exterior Dib's House*
  • Zim Rings doorbell*

Dib: Zim...

Zim: Dib...

Dib: What do you want?

Zim: I've quit trying to destroy your home planet. I need to take care of some business with you'r father.

Dib: Fine. But i'm coming too.

  • Interior Membrane Home Lab*

Dib: Dad, there's someone here to see you.

Prof. Membrane: Ahh, the little foreign boy.

Zim: I am not foreign. I am a real Alien of the Irken Race.

  • Zim removes Disguise*

Prof. Membrane: Wow, a real Alien.

Prof. Membrane: Son, i'm sorry for the years of calling you crazy.

Gaz: Yeah Dib, I guess I was wrong too.

Dib: Gaz, what are you doing in here?

Gaz: I'm helping Dad.

Prof. Membrane: Come little alien, I have to show you to the world.

Zim: But first, let me show you my base and everything.

Prof. Membrane: Alright. Johnson, cancel my appointments for the next 4 weeks.

Johnson: Yes, Sir.

  • Zim teleports Prof. Membrane and himself to base*

Zim: This is my home base, and this Flash Drive contains Irken Technology, Biology, and history.

Prof. Membrane: Alright, to my Lab.

  • Interior Membrane Lab*

Prof. Membrane: Kids, you might want to look away for this first part.

Gaz: Wait, before you do that.

  • Gaz Kisses Zim*

Dib: Gaz!?

Prof. Membrane: Gaz what are you doing!?

Gaz: Showing my true feelings for Zim.

  • Gaz switches the oxygen tanks to reverse*

Prof. Membrane: Alright, now let's start. *Faints

  • Everyone but Zim faints*
  • Gaz comes back in*

Gaz: Zim come on, let's get out of here.

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